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The Amazing Spider-Man

amazingspidermanGenre: Action
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Director: Mark Webb
Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen


The untold story begins


Peter Parker had to grow up without his parents. At a young age he was taken to his aunt and uncle’s place and his parents later died in a plane crash. Peter is now a teenager and one day he finds an old briefcase that belonged to his father in his uncles basement.

The information in the briefcase leads him to his father’s old colleague Dr. Connors. While Peter is sneaking around at Dr. Connors lab, he gets bitten by a genetic modified spider, which causes him to feel weird and get powers that would eventually make him into the Spider-Man. While he is still coming to terms with these powers, Dr. Connors becomes a huge threat to the city and Peter now has to get control over his body and powers to save the day.

As the tagline says, the untold story of Spider-Man can finally begin! Untold if you look past the comic books that started it all, the cartoons, television shows and other movies that have been made during the last 50+ years. I know that taglines aren’t that important, but what the hell?

The last time we say Spidey was in the trilogy created by Sam Raimi that started with Spider-Man in 2002 and ended with Spider-Man 3 in 2007. So they only waited five years before remaking/rebooting (whatever it’s called these days) the series? No… work on a fourth movie in the Raimi universe where being developed all the way until 2010 before it got cancelled. So we actually only have two years since the work on the previous film til the new one was released. It goes without saying that I’m no fan of remakes (or reboots) since it has been done to death the last ten years and it’s also scary to see something get a reboot (or remake) after only two years. If people like it, and it seems like it according to the box office numbers, then more power to you but I would prefer to see something new and fresh instead.

So, does the new Spider-Man bring anything new that the recent Sam Raimi trilogy overlooked or did poorly? No, not really. It feels pointless to sit through the same story once again and even seeing some of the same things happening again. It should be said that perhaps big fans of the comic books will feel differently, but for me there was nothing new and interesting about the story here.

The new Spidey is played by Andrew Garfield. Our introduction to teenage Peter Parker is that he is an awkward loner at school, something which is thrown away after the first ten minutes. He gets the attention of the hot popular blonde girl very fast and they of course fall in love and the only obstacle that is against their happiness is his fight against the evil forces. I was surprised that they made Peter into a douchebag in this film. He threats most of his close ones kind of crappy, including his very own aunt and uncle. Again, I’m not that familiar with the comic books so if Spidey always was an idiotic during his teenage years then I guess this stays very true to the original story, but I still feel that it’s a weird choice to have a superhero that you don’t really cheer for.

The director is Marc Webb, who hasn’t done anything else that I have seen. There is no personal touches that I could see in this film and the result could have been produced by anyone in Hollywood. All the acting is decent, I didn’t care much for any of the characters except uncle Ben and that’s because he was played by Martin Sheen. The rest of the actors suffers from playing boring characters, which leads me to another problem…

The main villain is dull. The CGI was probably very expensive, but in the end it does just look like a computer animated monster and that rarely works for me when they also are supposed to portray some sort of big threat to the world. The action scenes are all right, but if you have seen a couple of other superhero films the last years then I don’t see why anyone would be very excited about the scenes here.

If you love everything that the big Hollywood machine pours out these days then you will probably have fun watching this. If you start to think about the actions of Peter Parker during the film and are not a big Spidey or superhero fan, then spend your time doing something else cause The Amazing Spider-Man is not that amazing.




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