Mar 21

Alien Abduction

alienabductionGenre: Sci-Fi / Horror
Year: 2005
Country: USA

Director: Eric Forsberg
Starring: Megan Lee Ethridge, Griff Furst, Marissa Morse, Patrick Thomassie, Jilon VanOver


The war of the worlds has already begun!


A group of friends have gone out to the woods for a weekend of camping. One of the girls named Jean has wandered off on her own with her video camera and suddenly captures something alien on it, which makes her terrified and she runs back to the rest of her group to tell them what’s happened.

It doesn’t take long before the entire group ends up being abducted and wakes up in a weird and dark room. Jean ends up waking up again, this time presumably back on earth in a military hospital where she is kept and subjected to tests. She is not allowed to leave and now has to find a way to force herself out of this place.

Alien Abduction has a decent story that are done exceptionally bad. There are a decent end twist here, but before you get that far you will wish that the film had ended already. It is an obviously lower than low-budget film, that’s fine and not uncommon for me to watch. But lacking money does not give you an excuse for creating a terrible film with no interesting or good features.

The film looks terrible, making you wonder if the filmmakers had any previous experience in shooting films and making them look decent for the viewer. The set pieces are bad and uninspiring, basically there is a big lack of creativity running through the making of this film. There’s also continuity problems that shows a lack of focus and the entire thing reeks of being amateurish made.

So is there anything positive about Alien Abduction? While the acting is terrible by all involved, at least the main character Jean is played by Megan Lee Ethridge who manages to give a decent performance and is also easy on the eyes. The rest of the cast is forgettable and if they have managed to keep on having an active career then I’m sure they won’t be very proud of their involvement on this film.

The film is directed and written by Eric Forsberg, who is still active working on low-budget films including Mega Piranha and Arachnoquake. I’m sure it isn’t easy to work within such low budgets, but I can’t applaud his effort on this film at all. It is not the first film he has been involved with and he should be able to provide a much better end result than what we got here.

If you like alien abduction and government conspiracy stuff, then see something else. Pretty much any other film you get dealing with this concept will do it better. Alien Abduction is an uninspiring film that lacks any creativity, it is sadly just terrible.




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