Mar 28

Adjust Your Tracking

adjustyourtrackingGenre: Documentary
Year: 2013
Country: USA

Director: Dan M. Kinem, Levi Peretic
Starring: Joe Clark, Gary Cohen, Keith Crocker, Bradley Creanzo, Putrid


The untold story of the VHS collector


Most people will think of VHS tapes as something of the past, a dead format that has no purpose in 2013. And why would it? New movies are now being released in much better quality on Blu-Ray/DVDs or even directly to your computer on video on demand services.

For fans of the format however, the choice of keeping the tapes around is an easy one. For one, there are countless of titles that have not gotten a release on these newer formats and there is also a great nostalgic feeling of having the same tapes around that you first discovered your favorite movies on. Adjust Your Tracking explores the mindset of movie collectors that still prefer the smelly old tapes over the newer formats.

Adjust Your Tracking is made by the good folks over at VHShitfest.com with help from Horrorboobs.com and Lunchmeat Magazine. It starts off with some information regarding the birth and rise of the format and what made the popularity of it start to crash in the 90’s, not only by the rise of the new DVD format but also by the way Blockbuster took over and destroyed most of the Mom & Pop stores around.

It is however the collectors that make this documentary become interesting, since most of the target audience will already be familiar with the story behind VHS. There are plenty of interesting characters and their stories are great if you have the same affection for the hobby as they do. I’m not sure if the average person would get much insight into why people spend so much time hunting down lost films in crappy quality though. There really doesn’t seem to be any deeper meaning behind collecting tapes than other nostalgic stuff such as comic figures or video games, not saying that there’s anything wrong with it though.

Most of the collectors have the same type of story, which makes it feel a bit repetitive after a bit. For fellow collectors it is nice to see the community or other like minded people get some shine and be allowed to talk about something that takes up such a big part of their lives. I do envy the fact that most of these people are able to go out on tape hunting in their local area though, while I have to resort to the internet to satisfy my VHS hunger.

Adjust Your Tracking is actually not the only documentary about the world of VHS collectors that is being released this year. Another one called Rewind This has also been made at the same time, proving that VHS lovers are not going anywhere anytime soon. Adjust Your Tracking is made by VHS lovers for VHS lovers and while I don’t think it will make others start collecting or understanding the need to collect old tapes, it is a fun watch for those of us that still have a lot of love for old format. Long live VHS!




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