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8mm II

8mm2Genre: Thriller
Year: 2005
Country: USA

Director: J.S. Cardone
Starring: Johnathon Schaech, Lori Heuring, Bruce Davison, Julie Benz, Valentine Pelka


From the last kiss to the last breath…


David and Tish are an engaged couple that started off from two different worlds. While Tish was born in a rich family, David has had to work himself up the food chain and his marriage with Tish will mean that he is financially secured for the rest of his life.

The couple spends a wild night at a hotel spa together with an exotic model and a few days later they start to receive blackmailing letters with photos and videotapes of their threesome with the young model. To avoid having this material be exposed they have to go on a hunt through the underground of Hungary to find the ones responsible for trying to ruin their lives.

First of all, 8mm 2 has absolutely nothing to do with the original 8mm movie starring Nicholas Cage. Nor does it have anything to do with the subject of “snuff movies”. It actually has nothing to do with 8mm tapes at all. 8mm 2 is a totally separate project that was under production under the title The Velvet Side of Hell before Sony picked it up and changed the name to make a quick buck out of it.

It is a really disgusting way of tricking people, especially when it is done by the big studios that have plenty of other ways to create income for themselves. You could even make a valid argument that because of greedy trickery such as this that movie piracy can be accepted. One thing is to just make a bad movie, and this surely is a bad one, another thing is to openly trick their customers and fans of their previous product into spending their money on something completely different from what they are expecting.

Anyways… back to the movie. This film is a simple and predictable erotic thriller. The film was shot and the European setting does give the film something decent to work with. The strip clubs and porn star looking strippers look authentic (and probably was) and the film does deliver plenty of nudity with enough boobs, butts and full frontal nudity to keep most people happy.

Sadly, that’s all there is to the film though. The characters are dull, the sex scenes are decent and the story is lackluster. Lori Heuring is nice to look at but she gives nothing to the character of Tish. Johnathon Schaech, who plays David is as annoying as writing his name is. He has a look to him that makes him look more at home as a bad guy in a soap opera than in an erotic thriller, especially when we are supposed to feel for or identify with the guy (I think we are supposed to do that?).

The director, J.S. Cardone actually has an interesting filmography for horror fans. He started off with the 1982 slasher film The Slayer, he did Shadowzone for Full Moon in 1990 and he has produced and written screenplays for newer genre films such as The Covenant and the two remakes Prom Night and The Stepfather. I can’t say that there is much that reminded me of The Slayer in this film, but it is still nice to see that he has been able to carve out a career for himself instead of falling into obscurity as many directors of lesser known slasher films in the 80’s has done.

8mm 2 is not a film that anyone needs to check out. There’s way better material out there if you are interested in seeing softcore erotica. The story is stupid, the characters are boring and the visual style won’t keep you interested either. The end twist is predictable and the film offers very little except some fine female nudity for entertainment.




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