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28 Weeks Later

28weekslaterGenre: Horror
Year: 2007
Country: England

Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Starring: Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne, Jeremy Renner, Harold Perrineau, Catherine McCormack


It all begins again


28 Weeks Later takes place, well 28 weeks after the original raging outbreak that took place in the first movie. Here we see how the society in London has been rebuilt under careful military watch. Tammy and Andy are returning to England since they where on a trip to Spain while the outbreak started. In London they get reunited with their father Don, who is now an important district engineer.

Don had left his wife behind during the outbreak and presume she is dead. The kids wander around one day and decide to skip the safe area and see if they can find their old house. They find their mother in very bad shape in their abandoned house and the military shows up right away to pick them up and bring them back to the safe zone. Their mother is tested and she seems to be immune to the rage virus, although she is still carrying it. Don checks up on her one night and gives her a kiss, which transfers the virus over to him and now London is not safe anymore.

Just like the first one, 28 Weeks Later starts off very intense with the scene where Don leaves his wife behind and makes a run for it. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo took over the directing from Danny Boyle who stayed connected to the project by being a producer. Fresnadillo tries to keep the visual look the same as the first one, although it’s pretty clear that this one had a bigger budget thanks to the success of the first one. He also does a good job of balancing out the drama, action and the horror.

The biggest annoyance here is that he also applied the very quick shot frenzy camera work during the action sequences. It might look like a lot is happening when you do that, but you can’t even really see what is going on and it gets frustrating and annoying very quickly and this one has more action scenes than the first one did so it becomes more irritating this time around.

The movie brings up a very current theme of how much should the government be allowed to control us and watch us in our daily lives while they are keeping us safe. It’s an interesting topic that I think they could have elaborated more into the plot than they did. Other than that and a great start it doesn’t really become anything more than a simple and entertaining movie with a few good scenes and the rest being mediocre and run of the mill.

The characters are very realistic and well acted for the most parts. Robert Carlyle (Human Trafficking, Eragon) did a good job as Don and I’d also think that young Imogen Poots (V for Vendetta, Fright Night) was good as Tammy.

28 Weeks Later is a good sequel and even though there is five years between this and the first one they do gel together quite nicely. So if you enjoyed the first one then I’m sure this one will be right up your alley and also the other way around.




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