Written Reviews


Here’s a quick rundown of the rating system I try to stick by.

5 Skulls: Masterpiece. A film that everyone should see or have in their shelf, regardless of personal taste in cinema.
4 1/2 Skulls: Excellent. Could be one of the best within its own genre. A must see and buy that are not quite a masterpiece, but pretty close.
4 Skulls: Great. A recommended film that might be in the top 10 of the year of its release.
3 1/2 Skulls: Very Good. A film that should be seen and are quite enjoyable.
3 Skulls: Good. An enjoyable movie that are well watching and possibly also worth buying.
2 1/2 Skulls: Ok. An average film that are alright to watch if you have nothing better available.
2 Skulls: Poor. A film that is mostly skippable and forgettable. A decent time waster at best.
1 1/2 Skulls: Bad. Only watch these if there is something very special that are attracting you to it, but expect it to be painful.
1 Skull: Dreadful. A film without any redeeming qualities.
1/2 Skull: Trash. Honestly not worth watching even if your first born was involved with the production.


2-Headed Shark Attack2012HorrorChristopher Douglas-Olen RayUSA2
8mm II2005ThrillerJ.S. CardoneUSA1.5
28 Days Later2002HorrorDanny BoyleEngland3.5
28 Weeks Later2007HorrorJuan Carlos FresnadilloEngland3
100 Ghost Street: The Return of Richard Speck2012HorrorMartin AndersenUSA1.5
2010: Moby Dick2010Action / ThrillerTrey StokesUSA1
The ABCs of Death2012HorrorVariousVarious2
Adjust Your Tracking2013DocumentaryDan M. Kindem, Levi PereticUSA3
After Porn Ends2010DocumentaryBryce WagonerUSA2.5
Alice in Wonderland: A XXX Parody2011Animated / AdultW. CrawfordUSA1
Alien Abduction2005Sci-Fi / HorrorEric ForsbergUSA0.5
Alien Apocalypse2005Sci-FiJosh BeckerUSA1
All Cheerleaders Die2013Comedy / HorrorLucky McKee, Chris SivertsonUSA2
All The Boys Love Mandy Lane2006HorrorJonathan LevineUSA2.5
Almost Human1974CrimeUmberto LenziItaly4.5
The Amazing Spider-Man2012ActionMark WebbUSA2.5
Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story1985Drama / ActionMario GariazzoItaly3
Amer2009HorrorHelene Cattet, Bruno ForzaniFrance / Belgium3
American Burger2014Comedy / HorrorJohan Bromander, Bonita DrakeSweden2.5
American Horror Story - Season One2011HorrorVariousUSA3
American Mary2012HorrorJen Soska, Sylvia SoskaCanada2.5
American Shaolin1992ActionLucas LoweUSA2
The Amityville Horror1979HorrorStuart RosenbergUSA4.5
Amityville II: The Possession1982HorrorDamiano DamianiUSA4
Amityville III1983HorrorRichard FleischerUSA2
Amityville: The Evil Escapes1989HorrorSandor SternUSA2
The Amityville Curse1989HorrorTom BerryUSA2
Amityville 1992: It's About Time1992HorrorTony RandelUSA3
Amityville: A New Generation1993HorrorJohn MurlowskiUSA2.5
Amityville: Dollhouse1996HorrorSteve WhiteUSA3
The Amityville Horror2005HorrorAndrew DouglasUSA2.5
The Amityville Haunting2011HorrorGeoff MeedUSA0.5
Among Friends2012Horror / ComedyDanielle HarrisUSA1.5
Among the Living2014HorrorAlexandre Bustillo, Julien MauryFrance2
Andre The Butcher2005Horror / ComedyPhilip CruzUSA1
Ankle Biters2002Action / HorrorAdam MinarovichUSA0.5
Annabelle2014HorrorJohn R. LeonettiUSA2
Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes2011HorrorJude Gerard PrestUSA0.5
Anthropophagus1980HorrorJoe D'AmatoItaly2.5
Ants1977HorrorRobert ScheererUSA2
Apollo 182011Horror / Sci-FiGonzalo Lopez-GallegoUSA1.5
Arachnoquake2012Horror / ComedyGriff FurstUSA2
Army of the Dead2008Action / HorrorJoseph ContiUSA1
Atrocious2010HorrorFernando Barreda LunaSpain1.5
The Avengers2012ActionJoss WhedonUSA3.5
The Awakening1980HorrorMike NewellEngland2.5
Axe1977HorrorFrederick R. FriedelUSA1.5
Baby Boy2001Drama / ComedyJohn SingletonUSA3.5
Bad Taste1987Comedy / Sci-FiPeter JacksonNew Zealand4
Barbed Wire Dolls1976Crime / HorrorJess FrancoSwitzerland1.5
Baron Blood1972HorrorMario BavaItaly3.5
The Battery2012Horror / DramaJeremy GardnerUSA4
Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay1991Action / HorrorKazuo KomizuJapan1.5
Bay of Blood1971HorrorMario BavaItaly3
Belly1998CrimeHype WilliamsUSA3
Best Worst Movie2009DocumentaryMichael StephensonUSA4
Beware! The Blob1972Horror / ComedyLarry HagmanUSA1
Birdemic: Shock and Terror2010Horror / ActionJames NguyenUSA2
Black Sabbath1963HorrorMario BavaItaly4.5
The Black Waters of Echo's Pond2009HorrorGabriel BolognaUSA1
The Blob1988Horror / Sci-FiChuck RussellUSA4
The Blob1958Horror / Sci-FIIrvin S. Yeaworth Jr.USA2.5
Blood Clan1990HorrorCharles WilkinsonCanada2
Blood Diner1987Horror / ComedyJackie KongUSA2.5
Blood Feast1963HorrorHerschell Gordon LewisUSA1.5
Blood from the Mummy's Tomb1971HorrorSeth HoltEngland2.5
Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet2009HorrorFrank SabatellaUSA1.5
Bloodsport II1996ActionAlan MehrezUSA3
Bloody Mary2006HorrorRichard ValentineUSA0.5
Bloody Moon1981HorrorJess FrancoGermany2.5
Body Bags1993HorrorJohn Carpenter, Tobe HooperUSA3
The Bone Collector1999ThrillerPhillip NoyceUSA3.5
Boo2005HorrorAnthony C. FerranteUSA1
Boogeyman2012HorrorJeffrey Scott LandoUSA2
Brain Slasher1992Horror / Sci-FiSteve BarnettUSA2
Brainscan1994HorrorJohn FlynnUSA3.5
Brave2012Animated / FamilyVariousUSA2.5
The Burning1981HorrorTony MaylamUSA4.5
C.H.U.D.1984HorrorDouglas CheekUSA2.5
Cabin in the Woods2011HorrorDrew GoddardUSA2.5
A Cadaver Christmas2011Horror / ComedyJoe ZerullUSA2
Camel Spiders2011Horror / ActionJim WynorskiUSA1.5
Cannibal Holocaust1980HorrorRuggero DeodatoItaly5
Cannibal Hookers1987HorrorDonald FarmerUSA0.5
The Cannibal Man1973HorrorEloy de la IglesiaSpain3
Cannibal! The Musical1993Comedy / MusicalTrey ParkerUSA1.5
The Card Player2004ThrillerDario ArgentoItaly3
Carnival of Souls1962HorrorHerk HarveyUSA4
The Changeling1980HorrorPeter MedakUSA4
Children of the Corn1984HorrorFritz KierschUSA3.5
Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice1992HorrorDavid PriceUSA3
Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest1995HorrorJames D.R. HickoxUSA2
Children of the Corn: The Gathering1996HorrorGreg SpenceUSA3
Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror1998HorrorEthan WileyUSA2
Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return1999HorrorKari SkoglandUSA1.5
Children of the Corn: Revelation2001HorrorGuy MagarUSA1.5
Children of the Corn2009HorrorDonald P. BorchersUSA1
Children of the Corn: Genesis2011HorrorJoel SolssonUSA1
Children of the Night2014HorrorIvan NoelArgentina0.5
China O'Brien1990ActionRobert ClouseUSA2
Chopper Chicks in Zombietown1989Horror / ComedyDan HoskinsUSA1
Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV2000Comedy / ActionLloyd KaufmanUSA3
City of the Living Dead1980HorrorLucio FulciItaly4
Class of Nuke 'Em High1986Comedy / HorrorRichard W. Haines, Lloyd KaufmanUSA3
Class of Nuke 'Em High II: Subhumanoid Meltdown1991Comedy / HorrorEric Louzil, Donald G. JacksonUSA2
Class of Nuke 'Em High III1994Comedy / HorrorEric LouzilUSA1.5
The Collector2009HorrorMarcus DunstanUSA2
Combat Shock1984DramaBuddy GiovinazzoUSA3.5
Communion1989Sci-FiPhilippe MoraUSA2.5
The Conjuring2013HorrorJames WanUSA4
Contamination1980Horror / Sci-FiLuigi CozziItaly2
Contraband2012ActionBaltasar KormakurUSA2
Coons! Night of the Bandits of the Night2005Comedy / HorrorTravis IrvineUSA1
Creepshow II1987HorrorMichael GornickUSA3
Creepshow III2006HorrorAna Clavell, James Glenn DudelsonUSA1
Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th2013DocumentaryDaniel FarrandsUSA3.5
Cujo1983HorrorLewis TeagueUSA3
Curse II: The Bite1989HorrorFrederico ProsperiUSA / Italy1.5
The Curse1987HorrorDavid KeithUSA2
Damnation Alley1977Sci-FiJack SmightUSA2
The Dark Knight Rises2012ActionChristopher NolanUSA3
Dark Skies2013Horror / Sci-FiScott StewartUSA2.5
Dawn of the Dead2004HorrorZack SnyderUSA2
Dawn of the Dead1978HorrorGeorge RomeroUSA4.5
Day of the Dead1985HorrorGeorge RomeroUSA4
The Dead Pit1989HorrorBrett LeonardUSA3
Dead Silence2007HorrorJames WanUSA3
Dead Snow2009Horror / ComedyTommy WirkolaNorway2.5
Dead Sushi2012Comedy / HorrorNoboru IguchiJapan2
Deadly Friend1986HorrorWes CravenUSA2
Death Doll1989HorrorWilliam MimsUSA2
Death of a Nun1980ThrillerRobert J. AvrechUSA2.5
Deep River Savages1972HorrorUmberto LenziItaly3
Deliver Us From Evil2014Horror / ThrillerScott DerricksonUSA3
Demon Keeper1994HorrorJoe TornatoreUSA1.5
Demon Wind1990HorrorCharles Philip MooreUSA1.5
Demons VI: De Profundis1989HorrorLuigi CozziItaly2
Demons1985HorrorLamberto BavaItaly3.5
The Devil Inside2012HorrorWilliam Brent BellUSA1.5
The Devil's Hand2014HorrorChristian E. ChristiansenUSA2
Diary of the Dead2007HorrorGeorge RomeroUSA3.5
Dinocroc Vs. Supergator2010Horror / ActionJim WynorskiUSA2
Doll Graveyard2005HorrorCharles BandUSA2
Don't Go in the House1979HorrorJoseph EllisonUSA4
Dracula2012HorrorDario ArgentoItaly1.5
Dredd2012Action / Sci-FiPete TravisUSA2.5
The Driller Killer1979HorrorAbel FerraraUSA3
Drømmeslottet1986DramaPetter Vennerød, Svend WamNorway2.5
East End Hustle1976DramaFrank VitaleUSA1
Eaten Alive1977HorrorTobe HooperUSA3
Elvis1979Drama / MusicJohn CarpenterUSA2.5
Episode 502011HorrorJoe Smalley, Tess SmalleyUSA1
Evil Bong2006Horror / ComedyCharles BandUSA2
Evil in the Woods1986HorrorWilliam J. OatesUSA1
Evilspeak1981HorrorEric WestonUSA3
Excision2012Horror / DramaRichard Bates Jr.USA2.5
The Expendables 22012ActionSimon WestUSA2.5
Expose1976ThrillerJames Kenelm ClarkeEngland2.5
Familiar2012Horror / ShortRichard PowellUSA3.5
Fast Getaway1991Action / ComedySpiro RazatosUSA2
Father's Day2011Horror / ComedyVariousUSA1.5
Fight for Your Life1977CrimeRobert A. EndelsonUSA4
Firestarter1984Sci-Fi / ThrillerMark L. LesterUSA2.5
The First Turn-On1983ComedyMichael Herz, Lloyd KaufmanUSA2
Five Dolls For An August Moon1970ThrillerMario BavaItaly3
Flesh for Frankenstein1973Horror / ComedyPaul MorrisseyUSA / Italy3
The Food of the Gods1976Horror / Sci-FiBert I. GordonUSA2
The Forbidden Kingdom2008Action / FantasyRob MinkoffChina / USA3
Force of Darkness1985HorrorAlan HaugeUSA1.5
Friday the 13th II1981HorrorSteve MinerUSA4
Friday the 13th III1982HorrorSteve MinerUSA3.5
Friday the 13th IV: The Final Chapter1984HorrorJoseph ZitoUSA4
Friday the 13th V: A New Beginning1985HorrorDanny SteinmannUSA3
Friday the 13th VI: Jason Lives1986HorrorTom McLoughlinUSA3.5
Friday the 13th VII: The New Blood1988HorrorJohn Carl BuechlerUSA3
Friday the 13th VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan1989HorrorRob HeddenUSA2.5
Friday the 13th1980HorrorSean S. CunninghamUSA4
Fright House1989HorrorLen AnthonyUSA1
Frostbite2006HorrorAnders BankeSweden3
Frozen Scream1975HorrorFrank RoachUSA1
The Funhouse1981HorrorTobe HooperUSA3.5
The Gate1987HorrorTibor TakacsUSA4
Getting Lucky1990ComedyMichael Paul GirardUSA1.5
Ghoulies II1988HorrorAlbert BandUSA3
Ghoulies1985Horror / FantasyLuca BercoviciUSA2
The Girl Next Door2007Horror / ThrillerGregory WilsonUSA4
Girls in Prison1994CrimeJohn McNaughtonUSA2
Goal!2005DramaDanny CannonEngland2.5
Goal! II: Living the Dream2007DramaJaume Collet-SerraEngland2
Goal! III2009DramaAndrew MorahanEngland1
Goblin2010HorrorJeffrey Scott LandoUSA2.5
Godzilla2014Action / Sci-FiGareth EdwardsUSA / Japan4
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad1973Action / FamilyGordon HesslerUSA2.5
Goodnight, God Bless1987HorrorJohn EyresEngland2
Grave Encounters II2012HorrorJohn PoliquinUSA1
Grave Encounters2011HorrorThe Vicious BrothersUSA3.5
The Green Inferno2013HorrorEli RothUSA / Chile2
Grotesque2009HorrorKôji ShiraishiJapan2.5
Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones1980DramaWilliam A. GrahamUSA4
Halloween1978HorrorJohn CarpenterUSA5
Halloween II1981HorrorRick RosenthalUSA3.5
Halloween III: Season of the Witch1982HorrorTommy Lee WallaceUSA2.5
Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers1988HorrorDwight H. LittleUSA4
Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers1989HorrorDominique Othenin-GirardUSA3
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (Producer's Cut)1995HorrorJoe ChappelleUSA2.5
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers1995HorrorJoe ChappelleUSA2
Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later1998HorrorSteve MinerUSA2.5
Halloween: Resurrection2002HorrorRick RosenthalUSA1.5
Halloween2007HorrorRob ZombieUSA2.5
Halloween II2009HorrorRob ZombieUSA1
The Happening2008ThrillerM. Night ShyamalanUSA1
Hardware1990Sci-Fi / HorrorRichard StanleyUSA3
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man1991ActionSimon WincerUSA2.5
Hatchet III2013HorrorBJ McDonnellUSA1.5
Hatchet II2010HorrorAdam GreenUSA2
Hatchet2006HorrorAdam GreenUSA1.5
The Haunting of Whaley House2012HorrorJose PrendesUSA1
He Knows You're Alone1980HorrorArmand MastroianniUSA2.5
Hell High1989Crime / HorrorDouglas GrossmanUSA2
Hell Night1981HorrorTom DeSimoneUSA2.5
Hellhole1985Horror / DramaPierre De MoroUSA2.5
Hellraiser1987HorrorClive BarkerUSA4.5
Hellbound - Hellraiser II1988HorrorTony RandelUSA / England3.5
Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth1992HorrorAnthony HickoxUSA3
Hellraiser IV: Bloodline1996Horror / Sci-FiKevin Yagher, Joe ChappelleUSA1.5
Hellraiser: Inferno2000HorrorScott DerricksonUSA3
Hellraiser: Hellseeker2002HorrorRick BotaUSA2
Hellraiser: Deader2005HorrorRick BotaUSA2.5
Hellraiser: Hellworld2005HorrorRick BotaUSA1.5
Hellraiser: Revelations2011HorrorVictor GarciaUSA0.5
Helter Skelter2004DramaJohn GrayUSA2
Helter Skelter1976DramaTom GriesUSA4
The Hidden1987HorrorJack SholderUSA4
Hideous!1997Horror / ComedyCharles BandUSA1.5
Highway to Hell1991Action / HorrorAte De JongUSA3.5
The Hills Have Eyes2006HorrorAlexandre AjaUSA3
The Hills Run Red2009HorrorDave ParkerUSA2
Holliston - Season One2012ComedyAdam GreenUSA2.5
Home Movie2008Horror / ThrillerChristopher DenhamUSA3.5
Honor and Glory1993ActionGodfrey HoHong Kong1.5
Hot Boyz2000ActionMaster PUSA3
Hotel St. Pauli1988DramaSvend WamNorway2
House1977Fantasy / HorrorNobuhiko ÖbayashiJapan3.5
The House by the Cemetery1981HorrorLucio FulciItaly3
The House of the Devil2009HorrorTi WestUSA1.5
House of Wax1953HorrorAndre De TothUSA4
The House on the Edge of the Park1980HorrorRuggero DeodatoUSA3.5
The House That Dripped Blood1971HorrorPeter DuffellEngland3.5
Housebound2014Horror / ComedyGerard JohnstoneNew Zealand4.5
The Howling1981HorrorJoe DanteUSA3.5
Howling II: Sirba - Werewolf Bitch1985HorrorPhilippe MoraUSA2
Howling III: The Marsupials1987HorrorPhilippe MoraUSA2
Howling IV: The Original Nightmare1988HorrorJohn HoughEngland1.5
Howling V: The Rebirth1989HorrorNeal SundströmUSA1
Howling VI: The Freaks1991HorrorHope PerelloUSA2.5
The Howling: New Moon Rising1995HorrorClive TurnerUSA0.5
The Howling: Reborn2011HorrorJoe NimzikiUSA1
Human Experiments1979Horror / CrimeGregory GoodellUSA2.5
The Humanoid1979Sci-FiAldo LadoItaly3.5
Humanoids from the Deep1980HorrorBarbara PeetersUSA2
The Hunger Games2012Action / Sci-FiGary RossUSA1.5
I Got The Hook Up1998ComedyMichael MartinUSA2.5
I Spit on Your Grave1978HorrorMeir ZarchiUSA3.5
I Vampiri1956HorrorRiccardo FredaItaly2
Imago Mortis2009HorrorStefano BessoniItaly2
In Too Deep1999ActionMichael RymerUSA4
Incubus1982HorrorJohn HoughUSA3
Inferno1980HorrorDario ArgentoItaly4.5
Insidious: Chapter 22013HorrorJames WanUSA4.5
Insidious2010HorrorJames WanUSA4
Interview With The Vampire1994HorrorNeil JordanUSA3.5
Intruder1989HorrorScott SpiegelUSA3
Invasion of the Body Snatchers1978Sci-Fi / HorrorPhilip KaufmanUSA4.5
It1990HorrorTommy Lee WallaceUSA4.5
Jabberwock2011Action / Sci-FiSteven R. MonroeUSA1
Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday1993HorrorAdam MarcusUSA2
Jason X2001Horror / Sci-FiJames IsaacUSA2.5
Jersey Shore Shark Attack2012Horror / ComedyJohn SheppirdUSA2
Jeruzalem2015HorrorDoron Paz, Yoav PazIsrael3
Jigoku1960HorrorNobuo NakagawaJapan4
Karate Wars1989ActionDavid HueyUSA1
Kickboxer II: The Road Back1991ActionAlbert PyunUSA2
Kiss of the Damned2012HorrorXan CassavetesUSA2
Lady Dragon1992ActionDavid WorthIndonesia2.5
Land of the Dead2005HorrorGeorge RomeroUSA3
Lasse og Geir1976DramaSvend WamNorway3.5
The Last Exorcism2010HorrorDaniel StammUSA2
The Last Horror Film1982HorrorDavid WintersUSA2.5
The Last House on the Left1972HorrorWes CravenUSA2
The Last Temptation in Thailand2007DocumentaryGary SchmadUSA / Thailand2.5
The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh2012Horror / DramaRodrigo GudinoUSA1
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie1974HorrorJorge GrauItaly / Spain2.5
Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout1990Comedy / HorrorKenneth J. HallUSA2
The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane1976DramaNicolas GessnerUSA4.5
Live Like A Cop, Die Like A Man1976ActionRuggero DeodatoItaly3.5
Livid2011HorrorAlexandre Bustillo, Julien MauryFrance3
The Living Dead Girl1982HorrorJean RollinFrance3.5
Locusts1974DramaRichard T. HeffronUSA1.5
LolliLove2004ComedyJenna FischerUSA2.5
The Lords of Salem2012HorrorRob ZombieUSA3
Los Porno Sin Son (La Iniciacion de Bart)1992AdultVictor MaitlandArgentina2
Love to Kill1993HorrorSiu Hung Chung, Kirk WongHong Kong2.5
The Loved Ones2009HorrorSean ByrneAustralia3.5
Lovely Molly2011HorrorEduardo SanchezUSA1
Lust For Freedom1987Drama / CrimeEric LouzilUSA1.5
Making Contact1985HorrorRoland EmmerichUSA2
Mama2013HorrorAndres MuschiettiCanada / Spain2
Man Bites Dog1992Horror / ComedyRemy Belvaux, Andre Bonzel, Benoit PoelvoordeBelgium4.5
Maniac2012HorrorFrank KhalfounUSA / France5
Maniac Cop1988Horror / ActionWilliam LustigUSA2
The Manson Family2003Drama / HorrorJim Van BebberUSA3.5
Mardi Gras Massacre1978HorrorJack WeisUSA1
The Masque of the Red Death1964HorrorRoger CormanUSA4
Masters of Horror - Season One2005/06HorrorVariousUSA3
Masters of Horror: Season Two2006/07HorrorVariousUSA2.5
Maximum Overdrive1986Action / Sci-FiStephen KingUSA3
May2002Drama / HorrorLucky McKeeUSA4
Maya1989HorrorMarcello AvalloneItaly1
Meet the Feebles1989ComedyPeter JacksonNew Zealand4
Men in Black III2012Action / Sci-FiBarry SonnenfeldUSA2.5
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster2004DocumentaryJoe Berlinger, Bruce SinofskyUSA4
The Mist2007Horror / Sci-FiFrank DarabontUSA3.5
More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead2011DocumentaryBill PhilputtUSA3
More Sex Please, We're British2012DocumentaryJonny YoungEngland2.5
Morlocks2011Sci-Fi / HorrorMatt CoddUSA2.5
Motel Hell1980HorrorKevin ConnorUSA2.5
The Nountain of the Cannibal God1978Horror / ActionSergio MartinoItaly2.5
Ms. 451981Thriller / DramaAbel FerraraUSA3.5
Mugsy's Girls1985ComedyKevin BrodieUSA2.5
The Mutilator1985HorrorBuddy CooperUSA2
Nattevagten1994ThrillerOle BornedalDenmark2
Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy2010DocumentaryDaniel Farrands, Andrew KaschUSA5
New Jack City1991CrimeMario Van PeeblesUSA3
The New York Ripper1982HorrorLucio FulciItaly4
New York Undercover - Season One1994/95Action / CrimeVariousUSA2.5
The Night Flier1997HorrorMark PaviaUSA3.5
Night of the Bloody Apes1969HorrorRene CardonaMexico1.5
Night of the Demons1988HorrorKevin TenneyUSA4
Night of the Lepus1972HorrorWilliam F. ClaxtonUSA3
Night of the Living Dead1968HorrorGeorge RomeroUSA4.5
Night of the Living Dead1990HorrorTom SaviniUSA2.5
Night Warning1982HorrorWilliam AsherUSA3
Nightflyers1987Horror / Sci-FiRobert CollectorUSA2
Nightmare Cafe - Season One1992HorrorVariousUSA1.5
Nightmare in a Damaged Brain1981HorrorRomano ScavoliniUSA3
No Retreat, No Surrender II: Raging Thunder1987ActionCorey YuenUSA / Hong Kong2
Nosferatu The Vampyre1979HorrorWerner HerzogGermany4
Nothing Left to Fear2013HorrorAnthony Leonardi IIIUSA1
Nude Nuns With Big Guns2010ActionJoseph GuzmanUSA1
A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell1990Fantasy / ActionBrett PiperUSA1.5
Oculus2013HorrorMike FlanaganUSA2
Official Halloween Parody2011Adult / HorrorGary Dean OronaUSA2.5
Ouija2014HorrorStiles WhiteUSA1.5
Oz: The Complete Series1997-2003CrimeVariousUSA4.5
Pacific Rim2013Action / Sci-FiGuillermo del ToroUSA3.5
Paranormal Activity II2010HorrorTod WilliamsUSA2.5
Paranormal Activity III2011HorrorHenry Joost, Ariel SchulmanUSA3
Paranormal Activity IV2012HorrorHenry Joost, Ariel SchulmanUSA2
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones2014HorrorChristopher LandonUSA2
Paranormal Entity2009HorrorShane Van DykeUSA2
Paranormal Incident2011HorrorMatthew BoltonUSA1
Patrick2013HorrorMark HartleyAustralia3
Pet Sematary1989HorrorMary LambertUSA4.5
Phantom Racer2009HorrorTerry IngramUSA2
Piranha2010Horror / ComedyAlexandre AjaUSA3.5
Piranha 3DD2012Horror / ComedyJohn GulagerUSA2.5
Piranhaconda2011HorrorJim WynorskiUSA2
Plan 9 from Outer Space1959Sci-Fi / HorrorEdward D. Wood Jr.USA2.5
Planet of the Vampires1965Sci-Fi / HorrorMario BavaItaly2.5
Poltergeist2015HorrorGil KenanUSA2
The Possession2012HorrorOle BornedalUSA2
Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead2006Comedy / HorrorLloyd KaufmanUSA3.5
P.O.V. - A Cursed Film2012HorrorNorio TsurutaJapan2.5
Pranks1982HorrorStephen Carpenter, Jeffrey ObrowUSA2
Premium Rush2012ActionDavid KoeppUSA2.5
Private Parts1997ComedyBetty ThomasUSA3
Private2003EroticaTinto BrassItaly2
Prometheus2012Sci-FiRidley ScottUSA3.5
The Prowler1981HorrorJoseph ZitoUSA3
The Pumpkin Karver2006HorrorRobert MannUSA1
Pupper Master II1990HorrorDavid AllenUSA2.5
The Purge2013Horror / ThrillerJames DeMonacoUSA2
The Raven1935HorrorLew LandersUSA2.5
Raw Deal1986ActionJohn IrvinUSA4
[Rec] 3: Genesis2012HorrorPaco PlazaSpain4
[Rec] IV: Apocalypse2014HorrorJaume BalagueroSpain2.5
Resident Evil2002Action / HorrorPaul W.S. AndersonUSA2.5
Return to Nuke 'Em High: Volume 12013Comedy / HorrorLloyd KaufmanUSA3
RoboCop1987Action / Sci-FiPaul VerhoevenUSA3.5
RoboCop II1990Action / Sci-FiIrvin KershnerUSA2.5
Rock: It's Your Decision1982DramaJohn TaylorUSA2
Rocktober Blood1984HorrorSeverly SebastianUSA2
Rose Red2002HorrorCraig R. BaxleyUSA2.5
Rose White2012DramaDaniel KuhlmanUSA3
The Running Man1987Action / Sci-FiPaul Michael GlaserUSA3
The Sacrament2013HorrorTi WestUSA2.5
Same Time Next Year1978DramaRobert MulliganUSA4
Samurai Zombie2008HorrorTak SakaguchiJapan2
Sand Sharks2012HorrorMark AtkinsUSA2.5
Saw2004HorrorJames WanUSA3.5
Saw II2005HorrorDarren Lynn BousmanUSA2.5
Saw III2006HorrorDarren Lynn BousmanUSA2.5
Saw IV2007HorrorDarren Lynn BousmanUSA2
Saw V2008HorrorDavid HacklUSA2
Saw VI2009HorrorKevin GreutertUSA2
Saw: The Final Chapter2010HorrorKevin GreutertUSA2
Sayaka: The Cute & Careless Girl2009ComedyDaigo UdagawaJapan3.5
Scarecrow2013HorrorSheldon WilsonUSA2
Scarface1983CrimeBrian De PalmaUSA5
Screamplay1985Comedy / HorrorRufus Butler SederUSA2.5
Searching for Sugar Man2012DocumentaryMalik BendjelloulUSA3.5
The Sect1991HorrorMichele SoaviItaly3.5
Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.1990Action / ComedyMichael Herz, Lloyd KaufmanUSA2
The Shaman1987HorrorMichael YakubUSA1.5
Sharktopus2010Sci-Fi / HorrorDeclan O'BrienUSA2.5
Shaun of the Dead2004Horror / ComedyEdgar WrightEngland4.5
She-Cop: Shoot the Dirty Rapist2006CrimeDaigo UdagawaJapan2
Shogun Assassin1980ActionRobert HoustonJapan / USA4.5
Shootfighter: Fight to the Death1993ActionPatrick AllenUSA3
Shut In2015Horror / ThrillerAdam SchindlerUSA3.5
Silver Bullet1985HorrorDaniel AttiasUSA2.5
Sinister2012HorrorScott DerricksonUSA4.5
The Skull1965HorrorFreddie FrancisEngland2.5
The Slayer1982HorrorJ.S. CardoneUSA2.5
Sleep Tight2011Thriller / HorrorJaume BalagueroSpain4
Sleepaway Camp1983HorrorRobert HiltzikUSA4
Snuff1976HorrorVariousArgentina / USA1
Society1989Horror / ComedyBrian YuznaUSA3
Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap2012Documentary / MusicIce-T, Andy BaybuttUSA3
Space Zombie Bingo1993Comedy / Sci-FiGeorge OmrodUSA0.5
Spaceballs1987Comedy / Sci-FiMel BrooksUSA3.5
Spirits of the Dead1968HorrorVariousFrance / Italy2
Spring2014Drama / HorrorJustin Benson, Aaron MoorheadUSA4
Squeeze Play1979ComedyLloyd KaufmanUSA2
Stake Land2010Horror / ActionJim MickleUSA3
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back1980Sci-FiIrvin KershnerUSA4.5
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi1983Sci-FiRichard MarquandUSA3.5
Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace1999Sci-FiGeorge LucasUSA2.5
Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones2002Sci-FiGeorge LucasUSA3
Star Wars: Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith2005Sci-FiGeorge LucasUSA3
Star Wars1977Sci-FiGeorge LucasUSA4.5
Starcrash1978Sci-Fi / ActionLuigi CozziItaly4
Starry Eyes2014HorrorKevin Kolsch, Dennis WidmyerUSA3.5
The Stendhal Syndrome1996Thriller / HorrorDario ArgentoItaly3
Stitches2012Horror / ComedyConor McMahonIreland3.5
Storm of the Century1999HorrorCraig R. BaxleyUSA3.5
Strays1991HorrorJohn McPhersonUSA2
The Stuff1985HorrorLarry CohenUSA3
Subspecies1991HorrorTed NicolauUSA3.5
Subspecies II: Bloodstone1993HorrorTed NicolauUSA3
Super Mario Bros1993Action / Sci-FiAnnabel Jankel, Rocky MortonUSA2
Surf Nazis Must Die1987Action / ComedyPeter GeorgeUSA1.5
Sworn to Justice1996ActionPaul MasiakUSA2
The Taking of Deborah Logan2014HorrorAdam RobitelUSA2.5
Tales from the Crapper2004Horror / ComedyVariousUSA0.5
Tales from the Darkside: The Movie1990HorrorJohn HarrisonUSA3
Tales of the Third Dimension1984HorrorVariousUSA2.5
Ted2012ComedySeth MacFarlaneUSA2
Teeth2007Comedy / HorrorMitchell LichtensteinUSA3.5
The Terminator1984Action / Sci-FiJames CameronUSA5
Terror Eyes1981HorrorKen HughesUSA2.5
Terror Firmer1999Comedy / HorrorLloyd KaufmanUSA3.5
TerrorVision1986Comedy / HorrorTed NicolaouUSA1.5
Tesis1996Horror / ThrillerAlejandro AmenabarSpain3.5
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre1974HorrorTobe HooperUSA5
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II1986HorrorTobe HooperUSA3.5
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre2003HorrorMarcus NispelUSA2
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning2006HorrorJonathan LiebesmanUSA2
Texas Chainsaw 3D2013HorrorJohn LuessenhopUSA2
Thale2012ThrillerAleksander NordaasNorway2.5
The Theatre Bizarre2011HorrorVariousUSA / France2.5
Theatre of Blood1973HorrorDouglas HickoxEngland3
They Crawl2001HorrorJohn AllardiceUSA1.5
This House Possessed1981HorrorWilliam WardUSA1
Three... Extremes2004HorrorVariousVarious3.5
Three Short Films of Jeremiah Kipp200xShortJeremiah KippUSA3
Timesweep1987HorrorDan DiefenderferUSA1.5
Tombs of the Blind Dead1972HorrorAmando de OssorioSpain2.5
Too Legit: The MC Hammer Story2001DramaArtie MandelbergUSA2.5
The Toolbox Murders2004HorrorTobe HooperUSA1.5
The Toolbox Murders1978HorrorDennis DonnellyUSA3.5
The Tooth Fairy2006HorrorChuck BowmanUSA2
Total Recall1990Sci-Fi / ActionPaul VerhoevenUSA3.5
The Toxic Avenger1984Comedy / ActionMichael Herz, Lloyd KaufmanUSA3.5
The Toxic Avenger II1989Comedy / ActionMichael Herz, Lloyd KaufmanUSA2.5
The Toxic Avenger III: The Last Temptation of Toxie1989Comedy / ActionMichael Herz, Lloyd KaufmanUSA2.5
Toxic Crusaders: The Movie1991Animated / ActionTony LoveUSA2.5
Triad Wars2008ActionDennis LawHong Kong2
Trick 'r Treat2007HorrorMichael DoughertyUSA3.5
Trilogy of Terror II1996HorrorDan CurtisUSA3
Trilogy of Terror1975HorrorDan CurtisUSA2.5
Troll1986FantasyJohn Carl BuechlerUSA2.5
Trollsyn1994DramaOla SolumNorway2
True Blood - Season One2008HorrorVariousUSA4
True Blood - Season Two2009HorrorVariousUSA3.5
True Blood - Season Three2010HorrorVariousUSA3.5
True Blood - Season Four2011HorrorVariousUSA3
True Blood - Season Five2012HorrorVariousUSA3
True Blood: Season 62013HorrorVariousUSA2.5
The Twilight Zone: The Movie1983Sci-Fi / HorrorVariousUSA2.5
Unhinged1982HorrorDon GronquistUSA2
Vampire Bats2005HorrorEric BrossUSA2
Vampire Hunters2003Action / HorrorWellson ChinHong Kong2
Vampires1998Action / HorrorJohn CarpenterUSA4
VHS II2013HorrorVariousUSA2.5
VHS: Viral2014HorrorVariousUSA1.5
The Victim2011ThrillerMichael BiehnUSA1.5
Villmark 22015HorrorPål ØieNorway3
Villmark2003Horror / ThrillerPål ØieNorway3
Visiting Hours1982HorrorJean-Claude LordCanada3.5
Visitors of the Night1995Sci-Fi / DramaJorge MontesiUSA1.5
The Walking Dead - Season 12010HorrorVariousUSA2.5
The Walking Dead - Season Two2011/12HorrorVariousUSA1.5
Warrior Queen1987DramaChuck VincentUSA1.5
Watchers II1990HorrorThierry NotzUSA2
Watchers1988HorrorJon HessUSA3.5
Waxwork1988Horror / ComedyAnthony HickoxUSA2.5
We Are Still Here2015HorrorTed GeogheganUSA2.5
Wild Beasts1984HorrorFranco ProsperiItaly2.5
Wishmaster II: Evil Never Dies1999HorrorJack SholderUSA2.5
Wishmaster III: Beyond the Gates of Hell2001HorrorChris AngelUSA2
Wishmaster IV: The Prophecy Fulfilled2002HorrorChris AngelUSA2
Wishmaster1997HorrorRobert KurtzmanUSA3.5
Witchboard II: The Devil's Doorway1993HorrorKevin TenneyUSA2
Witchboard1986HorrorKevin TenneyUSA2.5
Witchtrap1989HorrorKevin TenneyUSA1.5
Within The Rock1996Horror / Sci-FiGary J. TunnicliffeUSA2
WolfCop2014Comedy / HorrorLowell DeanCanada2.5
The X-Files - Season One1993/94Sci-FiVariousUSA4
The X-Files - Season Two1994/95Sci-FiVariousUSA4
X-treme Fighter2004ActionArt CamachoUSA1
Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead2011Horror / ComedyNoboru IguchiJapan3
Zombie Flesh Eaters1979HorrorLucio FulciItaly4


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