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2010: Moby Dick

2010mobydickGenre: Action / Thriller
Year: 2010
Country: USA

aka: Moby Dick

Director: Trey Stokes
Starring: Barry Bostwick, Renee O’Connor, Matt Lagan, Adam Grimes, Dean Kreyling


The world’s biggest creature… and the man who hunts him down


CGI whale vs. CGI submarine! This is a new adaptation of the classic Moby Dick story by Herman Melville, set in todays time and age.

The movie starts with the first encounter between a young Ahab and good ol’ Moby Dick (in this case a HUGE computer animated dick). Moby Dick attacks the submarine that Ahab is a crew member on and after chewing off half the submarine and staring Ahab in the eyes. The setup and battle between the two is made and the movie starts. Then we meet Dr. Michelle Herman who is a specialist in whales and can lure them to her with a whale song generator that she has invented. Ahab, who now is in his 50’s or so wants revenge on Dick so he more or less recruits Herman to his submarine to find the whale and destroy it.

The huge Dick has been on a killing spree lately and the navy think it’s Ahab and his massive submarine that is behind the attacks and decides to send out Captain John «Boomer» Enderby after Ahab. Boomer and Ahab served together on the submarine that were attacked by the whale in their younger days. The rest of the movie is pretty much a battle between the whale and Ahab.

There’s been a lot of Moby Dick movies through the years, but I think this is the biggest sized one and perhaps also the smartest considering it can outsmart torpedos and even crawl on shore for a short period. Now, I actually am a huge fan of killer animal movies and have no problem enjoying films like this but this one just didn’t do anything for me. The “war” between the whale and Ahab gets boring very quick and feels like a 3 hour marathon because of the lack of any suspense and interesting action.

The only good thing in the movie is Renee O’Connor (Gabriel from Xena: Warrior Princess) who plays Dr. Herman very comfortably. Bostwick is so over the top that it’s fun to watch him and also sad that the creators of the movie didn’t add some extra humour to this crapfest so it would be more entertaining. The CGI is really bad and when about 50% of the movie has some sort of CGI in it, then it gets to very annoying. When you’re making a low budget movie and you can’t afford good special effects, then why display it so much? There is a reason why the older monster movies didn’t show the monster out in the open, and if they did they darkened the picture so you couldn’t see it clearly.

Asylum is of course the company that produced this movie. This is the same company that was behind movies such as Supercroc, Death Racers, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus and even Titanic 2. So that should tell you something.

This film is only worthy of a spot on the Syfy Channel very late at night. Nothing about it makes it worthy to watch and if you have a thing for these sort of movies then there are plenty of others that can entertain you.




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