Dec 02

This Week in Horror


A teaser trailer for the fourth [Rec] movie has been released on the web. [Rec] 4: Apocalypse is supposed to be the final film in the saga and the director will once again be Jaume Balaguero. Filming is set to start early next year and the story is set back in the building where the original outbreak started with the first film. Since the filming of this one hasn’t even started, the teaser clip contains stuff from the first two films. The teaser can be found on Aullidos.com.

The title for the sequel to one of this years most talked about horror movies VHS has been revealed. The sequel will be called S-VHS and it will premiere on the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013. Three stills have been posted on Bloody Disgusting. Twitch has a listing of all the films that will be shown as part of the Midnight Spotlight together with S-VHS.

The filming of Exists, a new found footage Bigfoot movie by Eduardo Sanchez is done and some teaser images have been released to the public. You can see them here on Bloody Disgusting. I think this will be the third or fourth new Bigfoot movie made this year and it is also the second one that will use the found footage style after Bigfoot County.

Dread Central has reported that Stefan Spjut’s novel Stallo will be adapted to the big screen. Mikael Marcimain is attached to direct it and the shoot is set to start in 2014. Stallo is human looking creatures who enjoy human flesh.

Dread Central has also posted some stills and the poster for the upcoming Full Moon Features killer doll movie Ooga Booga. Ooga Booga had a part in Doll Graveyard and also a disturbing cameo in Evil Bong.  Ooga Booga stars Karen Black who went up against a similar looking warrior doll in Trilogy of Terror and it is directed by Charles Band. The release is set for February 2013.

Perhaps the strangest news item this week is Corey Feldman telling Movieweb.com that there are works on a new sequel to the original Friday the 13th film series where Tommy Jarvis will once again go against the iconic killer Jason Vorhees. I’m not sure how likely that is to happen and I doubt we will ever see the release of something called Friday the 13th Part XIII: Jason Vs. Jarvis in 3D.

And there can’t be a week without a new remake being announced. Dread Central has reported that MGM has will give The Town That Dreaded Sundown the remake treatment…

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