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This Week in Horror – Week 14/2013

theconjuringI sadly have to start off this week with some sad news. The iconic filmmaker Jesus Franco passed away this week, 82 years old. I’m not an expert on his films, although I have of course came across some of his impressive library of nearly 200 films, so here’s a few links to other fans who have written some kind words for the man who lived cinema. Twitch, Fangoria and AVManiacs.

He wasn’t the only one who lived for cinema that passed away this week. The longtime film critic Roger Ebert died Thursday afternoon 70 years old. I send the best of my wishes to the close ones of both Ebert and Franco. R.I.P.

On a more positive note, the remake for Evil Dead finally hit cinemas in the US this weekend and can brag about making an estimated weekend gross of $26 million and ending on the #1 spot. Considering all the positive buzz surrounding the film, it should surely keep doing well after this debut weekend. I do have to say that I hope the success of this film won’t tempt studios to give another big round of horror remakes a go.

There’s also been a little buzz in the horror community surrounding the trailer for the remake of Carrie. You can check out the trailer on Twitch and if it looks interesting then you can mark down your calendar for its release date that are set on October 18th.

A much more exciting trailer in my opinion is the one that was released for the new Blumhouse Productions film The Purge. This looks like a home invasion film and stars Ethan Hawke, who also was in last years success Sinister which was also produced by Blumhouse. See the trailer and more info on The Purge on Shock Till You Drop.

Nick Palumbo, the guy behind Murder Set Pieces and Nutbag is back with a new project called Muse. Dread Central has posted a press release that tells us that the new film will be produced by Fright Flix Productions and feature Samantha Mion in the leading role.

Our Norwegian fantasy thriller Thale is getting ready for a limited theatrical release and is now available on VOD in America. Director Aleksander Nordaas has been answering questions from all the big horror sites so here’s a link list if you are interested in what he has to say about the film. Shock Till You Drop, Dread Central, Fangoria and Bloody Disgusting. You can also check out my review of the film here.

Twitch had an interesting article with a trailer for an upcoming Spanish found footage film called The Fourth Session. The film has had its limited theatrical release in Spain last month and from what I understand it is waiting on being picked up for a worldwide release, most likely straight to DVD/Blu-Ray and VOD.

Dread Central posted a trailer for ghost film from Vietnam. House in the Alley and it is directed by Le-Van Kiet.

Dread Central has also posted a trailer for a Brazilian mixture of zombie and sea monster film called The Black Sea. This one goes for a gory approach and is made by the same people who did Mud Zombies and Night of the Chupacabras, so if anyone actually saw and enjoyed those then this should be something to check out.

It’s not a big secret that I’m very excited for the upcoming James Wan film The Conjuring. The first trailer was one of the best trailers I have seen in years and this week saw the release of a new one and this is also looking very great. Check it out below and remember that the movie will premiere in US cinemas on July 19th.


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