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This Week in Horror – Week 11/2013

scream5Wes Craven has given Joblo some information regarding the possibility of a Scream 5 and his upcoming comic book series called Coming of Rage. Does anyone really want another Scream movie or television series based on it? In my opinion, the series is done and we might aswell let it rest in peace now.

The duo of style Helene Cattet and Bruno Forlani is finishing up their new film The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears. The duo made quite an impression with their first effort Amer and also had a decent entry in The ABCs of Death. Twitch has three still photos from their new film that will hopefully bring both the style of Amer but also with a more “normal” story.

Sinister Vision is a new horror anthology film that is set to be released this upcoming fall. The film will consist of five different stories delivered by filmmakers from Sweden, Denmark, UK and the US. Shock Till You Drop has the poster and full info on each segments.

Twitch has some interesting stills for a new Chinese vampire film called Rigor Mortis on their site. Rigor Mortis will be the first film directed by Juno Mak and it will star Chin Siu-Ho.

More asian horror is on the way of course and Dread Central has posted the trailer for the horror anthology film 9-9-81 from Thailand. The film will feature 12 directors and the trailer gives the impression that it will feature creepy asian ghosts.

The poster for the follow-up to Birdemic, one of the worst movies ever made (according to the Internet, I still haven’t seen it) has been posted on Bloody Disgusting. Birdemic 2: The Resurrection is written and directed by James Nguyen who also did the first one. Fans of good bad movies will probably be excited about this one.

Shock Till You Drop has posted a news article saying that The Black Dahlia Haunting has secured U.S. Distribution after being picked up by Origin Releasing. Check their site for more info about the deal and the movie.

Twitch has posted the trailer for the upcoming ghost movie from Laos called Chanthaly. The film seems to go for a slow and chilling mood, resembling other ghost films that have dominated the asian horror market the last 10 years.

Bloody Disgusting has some news, photo stills and a poster on a new giallo inspired film called Virginia Obscura that has recently wrapped up production. This film will be the first director effort by Toby Osborne on an estimated budget of $10,000.

Bloody Disgusting has also gotten a hold of a trailer for Animosity, a new film produced by Roy Frumkes who is the guy behind the cult classic Street Trash.

Dread Central has posted trailers for two new horror films that are inspired by the 1980’s. The first one is called Gingerclown 3D and is set in a funhouse, while the second is called Mold! which is about… well, mold that feeds on humans.

If you are more of a fan of the 90’s then you might find the trailer for The Wicked more interesting. This film is about the evil of witches and had a very Scream / Urban Legend feel to it. This trailer is also on Dread Central.

The trailer of the week is the French trailer for the horror film Under The Bed by Steven C. Miller, starring Peter Holden, Musetta Vander and Kelcie Stranahan. It’s a monster film and it does look quite decent.


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