Mar 10

This Week in Horror – Week 10/2013

evildeadThis week saw the first screening of the remake to Evil Dead at the South by Southwest Conferences & Festivals (SXSW 2013) and horror fans on Twitter went nuts, yearning every little detail they could about the film. The reception so far seems to be positive and considering the fan interest, I’m sure that this will do well in box office when it gets released on April 5th. TriStar and FilmDistrict is probably thinking the same thing since according to Bloody Disgusting, the work on a manuscript for Evil Dead 2 has already started by director Fede Alvarez.

While there was some small talk about a potential fourth film in the original series last week, Shock Till You Drop talked with Robert Tapert, Sam Raimi’s production partner on Ghost House Pictures about that and he said that the potential new film would be an Army of Darkness 2 and not Evil Dead 4, not that fans would probably care about which of the titles they choose but that would make it easier to separate the new and old series.

Keeping ourself within remakes of classic horror films of the 1980’s, the Poltergeist remake has gotten itself a new director in Gil Kenan. Deadline can report that the director of Monster House and City of Ember with Sam Raimi being a producer, perhaps taking on the Spielberg part from the original?

And to just get done with them all, Fangoria has posted the news that the remake Maniac will be released by IFC Films in selected theatres and VOD under the IFC Midnight banner on June 21st.

And in other release date news, Dread Central has gotten the release date for V/H/S 2 and that film will be released on VOD June 6th and in theatres on July 12th. Shock Till You Drop can report that Universal Studios will release Mama on DVD/Blu-Ray and VOD on May 7th.

If you appreciate Full Moon Pictures like I do, then you might be looking forward to their new film Ooga Booga and according to Dread Central it will be released on their new streaming service GrindhouseFlix on March 12th. Other films that will be on their service that day is Necropolis, Savage Island, White Slave, Riot in a Women’s Prison and more. The service will be $4,99 per month.

Bloody Disgusting had news regarding a sequel to The Possession is in works. It shouldn’t be a big surprise to anybody since even though it got mediocre reviews by critics (and I didn’t care much for it either as you can read here, it did very good in box office and when you make money in horror, a sequel is bound to happen. No writer is attached as of yet.

Bloody Disgusting has also posted a trailer and poster for a new home invasion film called Home Sweet Home by Gearshift Films. The film is directed by David Morley, who also did Mutants from 2009 and it stars Meghan Heffern, Shaun Benson and Adam MacDonald.

The trailer of the week is from a Turkish film called The Jinn, which Twitch had an article of this week. And the reason for why it’s the trailer of the week is simply because it looks like a crazy mixture of everything we have seen in horror films the last years. I’m not sure if it is a possession or ghost film, perhaps both? Some scenes are found footage, some scenes are not. Just check the thing out below.


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