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This Week in Horror – Week 09/2013

theconjuringA new week of horror is behind us and it’s been eventful with plenty of interesting tidbits from both new and classic horror franchises.

The Last Exorcism II premiered this weekend in the US theatres and it didn’t do great compared to the first… Last Exorcism. According to the Box Office Mojo, the film made a little over $8 million which is under half of the opening weekend numbers of the first… last… one. The production budget for the film was only at around $5 million though, so it’s not terrible numbers but I would not hold my breath for a third and final last Last Exorcism movie.

Bleeding Cool first posted a news item saying that Sam Raimi confirmed that he would start to work on a script for the fourth installment to the Evil Dead saga and a few days later they had another article that he wants to work on it, but it still seems very unsure. I would normally be very excited about something like this but with the remake to the original coming out in theatres in just a few weeks, it seems strange that they would go back and give us another sequel to the original trilogy. I guess I just wish that the movie coming out would be Evil Dead 4 instead of a remake to my favorite movie of all time.

There has been some talks about it in the last weeks and now it is confirmed that Sinister will get a sequel. Deadline has got the confirmation from Blumhouse Pictures that they have secured the involvement from most of the people behind the first film, including Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill. It’s not clear who will be the director of the second one yet.

Dread Central has posted news about one of the most anticipated horror films of the year, at least in my book, Insidious Chapter 2 has been pushed back to a September 20th release, which I guess is more appropriate for a horror film instead of a summer release but it’s sucks to wait even longer for the film.

Shock Till You Drop has posted a news item regarding a new film from the Astron-6 guys who were behind the Troma distributed Father’s Day. Dark Sky Films will release their new film Manborg on both theatres and DVDs on April 30th.

Twitch has posted a trailer for a new Chinese horror film called Lift to Hell by director Jingwu Ning. I’m not sure what the film is about, but it looks like some type of ghost story which focuses on a lift? Anyways, it’s very cool to see that new horror films are coming out from China, so go and take a peek at the trailer.

Shock Till You Drop has posted a trailer for a new indie film called Chemical Peel. The film is directed by Hank Braxtan and stars Natalia Victoria, Arielle Brachfeld, Stephanie Greco, Lacy Fisher, Leigh Davis, Ruben Pla and Lony’e Perrine. The trailer is worth check out, so give it two min of your day.

There’s been news about My Amityville Horror almost weekly for the last months and now finally a trailer has hit the web and can be seen on Bloody Disgusting. I’ve only read good stuff about the film so far and since I’m willing to watch anything with the Amityville name on it, it’s needless to say that I’m excited about this film.

Twitch also has posted some cool news regarding a new film called Killers which is a collaboration between the Indonesian duo The Mo Brothers, which consist of Kimo Stamboel and Timo Tjahjanto. Check out Twitch’s article for more info on the film and The Mo Brothers.

Fangoria has posted a news item regarding a new horror film called The Harrowing which will reunite director Jon Keeyes and the lovely star Debbie Rochon who worked together on the 2002 film American Nightmare. They are in the middle of the shot right now and they are expecting to wrap up the film in April. Fangoria has two photo’s from the film and plot information, so check it out.

Dread Central has posted a new trailer for the Hungarian slasher film Bloody Night which is directed by Hakan Yildiz. The film is also called Bloody Weekend on IMDB.

Not that it is a new film, but hey it’s Norwegian! Fangoria has posted some news regarding Thale, a film I didn’t care that much for as you can see in the review here. Thale will be released by Xlrator Media’s new Screamfest Label on VOD March 21, selected theatres April 5 and on DVD April 23. Fangoria also has the US trailer on their site so check it out.

The trailer of the week is The Conjuring by James Wan. This is a trailer done right. It doesn’t reveal too much but sets the mood right away and if the atmosphere of it is representative for how the film is then we might just have the horror film of the year. I’ll clap to that!


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