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This Week in Horror – Week 06/2013

tb2The 2013 European Film Market is in full effect in Berlin, Germany from the 7th til the 15th and there’s been plenty of news regarding upcoming horror films leaked from the festivities already. As mentioned before on this site, there will be a sequel to Tommy Wirkola’s Dead Snow and during the EFM the title of the film was announced. Dead Snow: War of the Dead is the full title and it will be filmed in both english and norwegian. It’s supposed to be bigger and better, as all sequels are supposed to be.

A sequel to The Pack was also announced and it set to start shooting this spring although no director seems to have been attached yet. Hammer’s latest film The Quiet Ones has been picked up for worldwide distribution. Shout Factory has picked up the french action/horror Dead Shadows and will give it a home release in the US later this year. Image Entertainment has secured the distribution rights to The Colony by Jeff Renfroe. 108 Media and Paladin has secured the worldwide rights to the Austrian film Autumn Blood and will give it a release in the US later this year.

Evokative Films has announced two new projects that will both start shooting in spring and summer this year. The Night Stalker is a new slasher film and Spring is something as rare as a horror/romance film. The action/horror Gallowwalkers, starring Wesley Snipes has been picked up by Wrekin Hill Entertainment for US distribution.

Ross Katz is set to direct a new film called The Unholy, which is based on an original idea by the [Rec] creators Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza. It’s premise sounds like it will be a mixture between investigation and exorcism. The project is set to start in the spring and the film will star Joseph Fiennes.

And last of the interesting tidbits from EFM 2012 for this week is the Julian Richards thriller Shiver, starring our favorite scream queen Danielle Harris, John Jarratt and Casper Van Dien which has now also sold its distribution rights for both the US and international market.

Bloody Disgusting has reported on the directors that will handle the segments for the upcoming Severin produced sequel The Theatre Bizarre 2: Grand Guignol. Interesting enough, they will all be french filmmakers and it seems like they have went for the best of the best. They’ve got people from Martyrs, Inside, Frontier(s), Livide and more (not all deals are finalised yet).

I wrote about the new Italian zombie film, Zombie 3D last week and Dread Central has posted a trailer from it now. It honestly did not bring my hopes up for the film, but perhaps it will do more for you.

Dread Central has also posted the poster and a trailer for Speak No Evil, another film that shows how evil these darn children can be. The synopsis for the film is: A single mother (Stone) fights to protect her daughter from demonically possessed children and a town gone mad.

Bloody Disgusting has posted both a trailer and a behind the scenes clip for the upcoming Renny Harlin found footage film The Dyatlov Pass Incident. The film will follow a group of students who are looking into the unsolved mystery regarding skiers who wound up dead in the Russian mountains in 1959.

Dread Central can report that a new 3D monster movie is about to be made in India! Vikram Bhatt is no stranger to making horror films in Bollywood, and his newest film will be called Creature or Creature 3D. Head over there for more info and also a peek at the poster.

According to Screen Daily, Tod Williams from Paranormal Activity 2 will direct a new movie adaption called Cell based on the Stephen King book. The film will star John Cusack and the screenplay has been written by King himself together with Adam Alleca. Production is expected to start in May

A trailer for Zombie Hunter has hit the net. The film stars Danny Trejo, Martin Copping nad Clare Niederspreum and plenty of CGI blood. Check it out at Bloody Disgusting.

Dread Central has posted some new information regarding another new found footage film that is on its way. To Jennifer will be filmed only with the cell phone iPhone 5 and it will be made available directly to your own phone. It stars Chuck Pappas and Jody Barton and will be directed by James Cullen Bressack who previously have done Hate Crime.

The trailer of the week is Big Ass Spider by Mike Mendez. The title seems very appropriate for the content, so yeah. Big Ass Spider indeed. It does have Lin Shaye and Lloyd Kaufman in it, so it can’t be that bad!


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