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This Week in Horror – Week 05/2013

sinister-poster01Horror keeps on doing well in the early parts of this year. Warm Bodies grossed 19,5 million dollars this weekend, securing it the #1 spot ahead of Tommy Wirkola’s Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, which has now gathered up a total of $34,4 million. For a total rundown of the weekend, check out this report from Box Office Mojo.

I am surprised that it has taken this long, but talks about a possible sequel to Sinister has been revealed this week. SciFiNow has caught up with director Scott Derrickson and screenwriter C. Robert Cargill and they seem very positive about continuing the story. Check out my praising of the film in my review here.

Bloody Disgusting has posted some info on a new horror film from Wales called Valley of the Demon. The film will be directed by first comer Rhodri Jones and the film is about a group of friends who hike out in the forest and comes across some evil demonic powers. I wasn’t convinced by the trailer, but perhaps you will be.

I got an email this week regarding a new independent horror film called Nicotine Stains. Charlie is introduced to a new, synthetic cigarette. When he tries to quit it won’t let him.  Soon they all will pay so Charlie and the butts can live happily ever after… or will they? Go to their website to see a trailer and more info on this project, and if you are around Long Beach, the film is premiering in the Art Theater on March 2nd.

Twitch has posted a new trailer for the Indonesian horror film Belenggu. It’s interested and does show some promise. The direct english translation of the title is Shackle and it is directed by Upi Avianto.

Dread Central has posted a trailer for an upcoming rape/revenge film from Argentine called When Your Flesh Screams. It’s quite a brutal title, but the trailer doesn’t show very much. The film is directed by Guillermo Martinez and will star Victoria Witemburg as the victim.

Twitch has also posted a trailer and news on a new found footage film. Perhaps you are tired of them by now, but this one is from India! Case No. 666/2013 is the title and it is directed by Venkat Siddareddy. The trailer reminded me of the more “old school” found footage films such as Blair Witch Project. I did not think it looked very good though to be honest.

Dread Central has reported that Wolf Creek 2 has started to shoot. There’s plenty of information on their site regarding this sequel and also a teaser poster for fans to get excited.

The italians are giving Zombies another go with Zombie 3D. Shock Till You Drop has posted some stills and a synopsis on their site regarding the new project that will be directed by Gianluca Petrazzi and filmed in Rome.

Although it’s not really horror related, I still want to spread the word that Ralph Bakshi is hoping to secure enough funds  through Kickstarter to make a new animated film called Last Days of Coney Island. Bakshi is the guy behind Nine Lives of Fritz The Cat, Wizards, Coonskin and perhaps better known to most, the animated Lord of the Rings and Fire & Ice. If you haven’t seen any of those films, then you are missing out. Check them out and be also sure to check out this Kickstarter.

The trailer of the week is Specter, a found footage film by Jordan Graham starring Joseph Patron and Michael Daniel. Why this one? Cause it’s been a slow week and after watching it, I have no idea what the movie will be about.


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