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This Week in Horror – Week 04/2013

tulpaI want to start this week off with some sad news. The british director Michael Winner passed away last monday at an age of 77. He directed the first three Death Wish films and also the very underrated The Sentinel, both were films that I saw at an early age and hold dearly even today. Fangoria’s Cbris Alexander has written a very respectable and fine article about him and his words about Winner is much better than mine.

Our very own Tommy Wirkola’s Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters got the top spot on the US box office this weekend, claiming a decent amount of $19 million. The film has a production budget of $50 million, so while it’s not a great start, but it won’t be a flop either. Mama is still doing good and grabbed enough to have made nearly $50 mill so far, I’m guessing we’ll have a sequel announced on that one soon.

The response to S-VHS on Sundance seems to be good and Variety has reported that Magnolia Pictures has snapped up the rights to bring it to the big screen. We will see a limited theatrical run and a release on VOD, hopefully we’ll also have dates for the release soon.

The previously titled House of Horror is starting to get their cast together. Variety reports that Mario Bello, Frank Grillo and Scott Mechlowicz will star in the James Wan produced film, with Will Canon as the director.

Shock Till You Drop has posted a trailer for the spanish horror film called Blind Alley. It’s an interesting trailer that first gives the impression that this might be gialloish, then it turns into a sort of vampire/monster fest. Blind Alley is directed by Antonio Trashorras, who also co-wrote The Devil’s Backbone with Guillermo del Toro. Phase 4 has the US rights to the film, but no release date has been announced yet.

Dread Central has gotten some information regarding a new project called The Amityville Asylum, not to be confused neither the upcoming The Amityville Horror: Lost Tapes or My Amityville Horror. This film will be made by the british filmmaker Andrew Jones and star Sophia Del Pizzo, Lee Bane and Eileen Daly. More info, pictures and even a poster can be seen on the Dread Central link.

There is no denying that ghost movies have been popular the last years and in February another one will be released. 616: Paranormal Incident will show us a ghost hunting team that will visit a supposedly haunted Prison. The film is directed by David Chirchirllo and will star Trent Haaga. Sounds like a familiar premise? Check out the trailer that Dread Central has posted and see if you can spot anything that makes this film stand out from the rest of the crowd.

There’s been plenty of horror remake news the last week, but not all of it will be considered bad for the fans that are against remakes. It’s been some years since the announcement of a Suspiria remake hit the internet and David Gordon Green has told The Playlist that there are a lot of legal problems, making it unlikely that the project will take off anytime soon. Too bad, right?

News on the remake of The Orphanage has also been quiet for some time now, but ScreenDaily has news that it is still being worked on.

And there is more news on the new remake of Leprechaun. Yeah, their remaking Leprechaun. Bloody Disgusting reports that The film division of World Wrestling Entertainment, together with Lions Gate will bring Leprechaun: Origins to life and it will star the wrestler Hornswoggle.

The trailer of the week comes from Italy. Tulpa is a giallo made by director Federico Zampaglione and star Claudia Gierni. The film is done and is awaiting a release date, which will hopefully come soon! Make sure to check out the article Shock Till You Drop has done on the film aswell.


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