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This Week in Horror – Week 02/2013

hc2While there’s plenty of news to report this week, I can’t say that any of these films gets me very excited but hopefully some of these will do the trick for you!

Tom Six will start the filming of the third Human Centipede movie in May this year. This time they are promising a 500+ human centipede and that a big american celebrity will take a part of the film. More interesting than that however is that Dieter Laser is back. He played the evil doctor in the first one, but apparently he and Laurence R. Harvey, who was the centipede creator in the second film, will both take on completely new roles in this third film. Source: Fangoria.

Shock Till You Drop could reveal that our very own Tommy Wirkola has finished a script for Dead Snow 2 and is interested in getting it made. It’s sad that no norwegian media has mentioned anything about it, since the film did do quite well in this country, but oh well. Hopefully things go as planned and production starts next winter. Wirkola is currently awaiting release for his first American production called Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, scheduled to drop in theatres later this month in the US and early february for us Norwegians.

STYD has also posted the new trailer for The Last Exorcism 2. The trailer is very uneven and I’m not sold on the film after feeling cold about the first one. It does seem that this one will skip the found footage element, which is probably for the best. The film will hit theaters in America on the 1st of March.

Bloody Disgusting has both pictures and a trailer for the upcoming Troma movie Doomsday Country. It looks like it is a horror anthology and will feature aliens, zombies and vampires. The film is being released on February 12th.

According to Fangoria, a new Stephen King miniseries called Under The Dome will premiere on CBS in June this year. This new miniseries is based on King’s 2009 book and it is (of course) set in Maine where a force field seals the town off from the outside world. The series then focus on the relationship between the mainers who starts to turn on each other. I’m sure we’ll hear more details about it before its premiere on June 24.

Dread Central has reported that a nine minute long teaser video has been released on the net for The Devil’s Carnival: Episode 2. I still haven’t seen the first one or even Repo! The Genetic Opera yet, but I did notice that this sequel will have one of my favorite rappers, Tech N9ne, in the film.

Dread Central has also posted some information regarding a genre entry at Slamdance 2013 called Jug Face. What caught my eye was the poster for it, it’s quite an original one.

Bloody Disgusting has posted a trailer for the upcoming German horror film Cannibal Diner. The trailer shows some hot women getting lost and then attacked by someone or something. It looks like the film will have some nudity and Germans are never stuck up when it comes to gore either, but I honestly can’t say this film looks very good. The main girl however does look gorgeous. The film is supposed to be released later this year.

Fantasm – a documentary about horror fan devotion, and the events that keep them devoted. That’s the description of a new documentary that are in the works from creator Kyle Kuchta. The documentary will focus on horror fan community and the conventions that take place all over the world. Check out Dread Central for more details on this interesting project.

As reported in last week’s article, a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre film will be made after the success of Texas Chainsaw 3D. There has been some conflicting reports about the new movie, called Texas Chainsaw 4 by some (4? How does that even make sense?). Millennium Films was quick to announce that they want to make a new one, while the rights owners Carl Mazzacone and Mark Burg has announced that there has been no plans to set a new Chainsaw film in motion yet. Yeah… I’m sure we’ll see a new film within the next two years, regardless of what these guys are saying today.

The trailer of the week is Htr2b Transformation, posted by Dread Central. It’s not a particularly great trailer, but the film is from Turkey so that alone makes it interesting in my book. The weirdly titled film is directed by Osman Evre Tolga and seems to be some sort of home invasion film. It will hit the american festival market later this year.


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