Dec 09

This Week in Horror


Troma has released a poster and teaser clip for the upcoming film Return to Nuke ‘Em High. The poster, which you see to the left here is simply awesome and the teaser (which you can find on Shocktillyoudrop HERE) makes it look like this will be something that Troma fans will enjoy a lot. There are no release date available for it yet.

The original Nuke ‘Em High trilogy is perhaps the best series of films that Troma made in the 80’s next to The Toxic Avenger and since this will be another film directed by Lloyd Kaufman, then it will surely deliver the goods. And btw, if you haven’t done so already, then make sure you check out Father’s Day. It seems like a lot of fans are enjoying that one.

Guillermo del Toro is going to direct a new big budget haunted house film called Crimson Peak. The project won’t start filming until early 2014, so it will be a long wait but the things he has to say about it does sound interesting. Check out both the Bloody Disgusting article and also the Shocktillyoudrop article for more information.

Fangoria got the release date for the upcoming Rob Zombie movie Lords of Salem. The film will hit american theatres on April 26, 2013. There is also a novelization of the film being released a month earlier than the cinematic release. The book was written by Zombie together with B.K. Evenson. Fangoria has also done a positive review of the film which you can find here.

A new Boston Strangler movie seems to be in works. Shocktilyoudrop had an article where it says that Casey Affleck will star as a detective investigating the murders and he will also executive produce the film. There was three movies done on the serial killer between 2006-2008, none of which I would recommend. No title or info on director has been revealed on the new film.

In this weeks remake news, the 1992 comedy Death Becomes Her is getting redone for TV… Read more about it on Bloody Disgusting.

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