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This Week in Horror – Week 08/2013

mamaNot the most exciting horror week of 2013, but here are some quick news of what I’ve noticed during this week.

After the success of Mama, it should come to no surprise that Universal is considering starting the production of a sequel. David Kosse, the president of the international Universal Pictures has told Screen Daily that they are considering to continue the franchise but it is still in the very early stages. Mama has brought in nearly 90 million dollars worldwide so far.

Dread Central has posted the trailer for the upcoming horror anthology film Sanitarium. The film will have three segments that will be directed by Bryan Ortiz, Kerry Valderrama and Bryan Ramirez and known genre actors such as Robert Englund, Malcolm McDowell and Lacey Chabert is involved.

Jim Van Bebber’s The Manson Family is returning to the big screen in America and is also about to be released on Blu-Ray for the very first time. Check out Fangoria for all the dates and if you are unsure if the film is worth seeing in theatre, then check out my very positive review of it here.

Last week I wrote that Artsploitation Films has picked up the swedish film Wither for US distribution and this week Shock Till You Drop has posted a trailer and a teaser for the film. It looks like a gory Evil Dead-ish type of movie so hopefully they will give us a release date for it soon.

Bloody Disgusting has posted some news and the trailer for a new sci-fi horror / comedy homage to the great films of the 40’s and 50’s called It Came from Yesterday. The film is created by Jeff Waltrowski who also directed a 2002 film called Project: Valkyrie.

It feels like I’m posting news regarding a new found footage Bigfoot movie ever week and this week won’t be any different. Willow Creek sets itself apart in that it will be directed by… Bobcat Goldthwait. Yeah, that’s right! Zed from the Police Academy movies are bringing Bigfoot with a mixture of satire and comedy to us in the near future. For more info check the article on Bleeding Cool.

Tired of found footage films yet? Directors David Damiata and Michael Matteo Rossi are hoping you aren’t yet and will release a new film called Loss of Life in the near future. You can see the posters and four clips of the film over at Bloody Disgusting.

The trailer of the week is a found footage film set in the adult movie industry. Lucky Bastard is about a porno contest where the winner gets to have sex with a porn star on camera. Things go wrong when the winner turn out to be a little bit weird. The film is directed by Robert Nathan and no release date has been set yet.


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