Mar 04

Look out for Lord of Tears!

Screen08 (Key Art 03)Lord of Tears is a new independent horror/fantasy film that have been filmed in the highlands of Scotland. The film is directed by Lawrie Brewster and is starring David Schofield (Gladiator, Pirates of the Carribean), Lexy Hulme (500 Days of Summer, The Ugly Truth), Euan Douglas (If Only) and Jamie Gordon (Making Ugly, Blooded).

Lord of Tears is a British Chiller in the classic tradition of films such as The Wickerman, The Innocents and The Haunting. Our story concerns a man trapped in a crumbling mansion, stalked by Owl Headed monster in the misty highlands of Scotland, on a mission to piece together a childhood broken apart by repressed memory and dark secrets. It takes inspiration from classic mythology, ancient history and modern legends such as those of – Slender Man!

The filming is done and what they are hoping to get help with through their Kickstarter campaign is to get funds so they can bring the film out to the festival circuit and also to further polish the film, complete the soundtrack and help with the marketing campaign. Check out their Kickstarter page for more info, including a very good presentation of the film by Lawrie Brewster himself.

Be sure to check out the trailer, it looks original and has surprisingly good visuals for being an independent film. Usually I would just throw this in with my regular weekly news summary on what’s going on in the horror world but I felt that this one deserved some extra shine and I also made sure to pledge enough to secure me a signed copy of it myself. Take the time to check out the trailer, I doubt that you will be disappointed.

Here is also their official website and Facebook page.

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