Nov 12

Halloween Week!


Even though Halloween 2012 was over two weeks ago, it’s never too late to celebrate the movie series started by John Carpenter with his breakthrough slasher film of 1978.

I will be posting a review daily of every film in the original series, but will alsoy skip the Rob Zombie remakes for this time.

The Halloween franchise has proven to be a huge moneymaker, spawning a total of seven sequels + the two films in the Zombie remake universe, several novels and comic books and the soundtrack is contains one of the most famous theme songs from the horror genre. The original series has made over 250,000,000 dollars in american cinemas, not to also forget the money made from VHS, Laserdisc, DVD and now Blu-Ray discs aswell.

Michael Myers has become one of the biggest icons in horror. Myers is supposed to be the representation of pure evil, the original boogeyman. During the sequels, the filmmakers have tried to give us more explanation behind the character but most fans will agree that the unexplained evil of Myers is good enough and no explanation is really needed. He killed off 77 people during the original series, giving him a body count of 10+ per movie (he was not present in Halloween 3).

As of today, it has been three years since the last Halloween came out and it does not seem like Rob Zombie will continue his vision of the Michael Myers series in the near future. It has been announced that a new sequel is going to be produced with Patrick Lussier as a new director. What is certain is that we have not seen the last of Michael Myers and he is an icon that studios will keep wanting to resurrect for the loyal horror fan base and for their own pockets.

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