The Horror News
Bloody Disgusting – fantastic horror websites that also covers comic books, music and video games aswell.
Dread Central
 – good all-round horror website with news, reviews and also some interesting podcasts.
– the website for the biggest horror magazine in the world. Updated with news daily and a great website for keeping you updated on what’s happening in the world of horror.
Rue Morgue –  the biggest competition for Fangoria these days. Filled with news and a lot of great articles.

Horror/Cult Websites
10K Bullets – a great blog that focuses mostly on movies overlooked by other sites with a special attention to asian titles. Excellent reviews and frequently updated.
AVManiacs – a great site with good reviews, the best part of it is the excellent forum that has a lot of intelligent members.
Eccentric Cinema – a site with over 1,000 reviews done by smart and intelligent guys. It’s one of my first stops if I’m curious about a movie, especially in the eurocult genre.
Giallo Fever – a site dedicated to “eurotrash” and as the title says, with a special interest in giallo’s.
Horror Digital – a forum for general horror movie fans.
Mondo Digital – a review site with probably thousands of reviews. The web design might not be the best, but the content is great.

FAB Press – a publishing house helping to get great books on horror subjects out to the people. Here you can find books on anyone from Takashi Miike to Pete Walker.

Online Stores
Boulevard Movies – DVD and Blu-Ray store for horror/cult/exploitation fans.
Fright Rags – horror t-shirt store that delivers great quality stuff, only downside is that there could have been more designs to choose from.
Rotten Cotton – perhaps the biggest store for horror clothing. Good quality, prices and a great amount of stuff to fill the need of every horrorfans out there.