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The Horror of 2013 Wrap Up

theconjuringAnother year is soon to be over with. 2013 was an excellent year for horror fans and it sure did deliver a lot of interesting titles for us all to enjoy, both in the mainstream world and also from the indie scene. Just like last year, I will not attempt to do a top 10 list of this year yet since there is still several films I should have watched before attempting to put together a decent list that I can stand behind. What I did this year however is to make a list calculated off several other sites to show what the average horror fan loved this year. I went through about 30 other sites and my “rules” for acceptable lists was that they had to list and rank at least ten horror films of this year and I would give a movie 1 point for ending on tenth place, 2 points for ending on ninth place and so on. I will add the links to the sites I used on the bottom of this page, so make sure to check them all out since they all have good insights to exactly why these films were ranked so high this year.

Now here is the list of top 25 horror films of 2013, judged by the horror community:

1. The Conjuring – 190p
2. You’re Next – 149p
3. Maniac – 143p
4. Evil Dead – 127p
5. Stoker – 105p
6. We Are What We Are – 87p
7. V/H/S 2 – 86p
8. American Mary – 77p
9. Curse of Chucky – 61p
10. The Battery – 55p
11. Mama – 47p
12. The Lords of Salem – 39p
13. Berberian Sound Studio – 31p
14. Byzantium – 30p
14. This is the End – 30p
14. The World’s End – 30p
17. Jug Face – 29p
17. Warm Bodies – 29p
19. Resolution – 28p
20. Antiviral – 26p
20. Cheap Thrills – 26p
22. Insidious: Chapter 2 – 25p
23. Carrie – 23p
23. The Purge – 23p
25. Hatchet 3 – 21p
25. Sightseers – 21p

Out of these 26 movies I have actually only seen 8, which just shows you why I shouldn’t be making my own list of the year yet. I’m not surprised that The Conjuring is that high, although I’m however surprised that Insidious: Chapter 2 wasn’t further up the list. In my opinion that is the scariest movie of this year and would only get competition by Maniac for the number 1 spot out of the films I’ve seen. There is also a lack of found footage films this year (except VHS 2), which might suggest that the subgenre is dying out a bit now (or it could be argued that it was all about ghost stories all along and that the found footage way of filming wasn’t the most important part of those films in the first place), while the list rather has a good mixture of films that go for scares, gore or just plain old storytelling.

Speaking of what I have seen, here are the reviews of the horror films I’ve watched this year that are listed as 2013 releases:
All Cheerleaders Die – 4/10
The Conjuring – 8/10
Dark Skies – 5/10
Hatcher 3 – 3/10
Insidious: Chapter 2 – 9/10
Mama – 5/10
Patrick – 6/10
VHS 2 – 6.5/10

Horror also did quite good in the Worldwide top 100 box office this year:
World War Z – $540m
The Conjuring – $316,7m
Insidious: Chapter 2 – $160,4M
Mama – $146,4m
Warm Bodies – $117m
Evil Dead – $97,5m
The Purge – $89,3m
Carrie – $78,6m
Texas Chainsaw 3D – $34,3m

And horror keeps growing in television with even more TV shows being created and doing well while the big ones like American Horror Story, True Blood and The Walking Dead is still doing great numbers.

And as always you can’t end one year without mentioning what you are looking forward to in the next year. 2014 has several films that I’m waiting for. Even though it hasn’t received great reception so far, I’m still looking forward to seeing Eli Roth’s cannibal film The Green Inferno. Even though the fourth entry of Paranormal Activity didn’t do much for me, the new latin spinoff one called Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones does look interesting. Hopefully that one will be able to recharge the series before Paranormal Activity 5 gets released later in the year. The fourth, and if I’m not mistaken also the last, of the [Rec] series will also be released. [Rec] 4: Apocalypse is supposed to skip the events of the third film and continue with the main story told in the first two films. Hopefully it will be able to close this excellent horror series in a good way. Among the Living by the french duo Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury (Inside and Livid) should also be interesting and I should of course not forget the new horror / comedy from my very own country Norway. Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead will be getting screened early in the year and I’ve seen the first 10 minutes of it and it will continue right after the first one and will hopefully provide just as many laughs as that one did.

When it comes to this site I have unfortunately had to cut down on the amount of work on it, simply due to the fact that working 7 days a week is not uncommon for me and there’s only so much time I can give the site without ending up being tired of it. I’ve had to stop doing weekly news updates and also cut down from doing a review every single day in order to keep the site alive. Even though there has been cutbacks, the site is continuing to rise in visitors with December being the best month yet, which is very nice to see. It’s not a big site though and should probably be redesigned to look more “blogish” to be honest. I’ve had a total of nearly 14,000 unique visitors this year and a big thanks goes out to them all, even if they are google bots or whatever they might be.

The top 25 most visited reviews of my site has been:
1. Alice in Wonderland: A XXX Parody
2. Piranhaconda
3. She-Cop: Shoot the Dirty Rapist
4. Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead
5. The Haunting of Whaley House
6. Official Halloween Parody
7. Los Porno Sin Son (La Iniciacion de Bart)
8. Goal! III
9. The Terminator
10. Sayaka: The Cute & Careless Girl
11. Helter Skelter
12. Sand Sharks
13. Wishmaster
14. Hotel St. Pauli
15. Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace
16. Goblin
17. Barbed Wire Dolls
18. The Amityville Haunting
19. Dracula
20. Thale
21. Apollo 18
22. Dinocroc vs. Supergator
23. Private
24. Amityville: Dollhouse
25. Storm of the Century

It makes sense that stuff that doesn’t have a lot of reviews out on the net is the most popular ones on my site, and the x-rated films make sense because of your perverted google searches I guess. It would make sense for me to concentrate more on unknown movies in the future, so we’ll see what happens.

And the last thing I’m gonna do this year is of course to wish you all a great new year and keep watching horror!


The lists that I’ve used to make the top horror list of the year:
BloodyGoodHorror (Caraless)
BloodyGoodHorror (Casey)
BloodyGoodHorror (Chris and Kathy)
BloodyGoodHorror (Evan)

IconsOfFright (BJ)
IconsOfFright (Jerry)
IconsOfFright (Josh)
IconsOfFright (Rob G)

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