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Horror Podcasts!

podcastWhen watching horror films, reading about horror films and discussing horror films online ain’t enough for your horror cravings, then you have horror podcasts for amusement. If you’ve never heard of a podcast and need some explanation on what it is, then you can check out this article on www.howtopodcasttutorial.com. I’ve been exploring the available podcasts for the last few weeks and have found a couple that I think are worth sharing and hopefully some readers will have some recommendations to share aswell.

There sure is a lot of podcasts out there covering the horror genre and it’s not that easy to find some that will suit your taste. In my mind a good podcast has to deliver interesting thoughts to the viewer and have respect for the material it is covering. The participants don’t necessarily have to be very knowledgable of the genre for me as long as they are able to give well spoken description of what they thought of the movie or subject they are discussing. I don’t think anyone would like to sit through listening to a rant about how bad a new horror film is by two guys for an hour without any other explanation of their opinion except that “the movie sucks dick”. I’ve also noticed that some seem to have a need to bash other fans or media. Anyone that uses the description “not true horror fans” to other people who might like something else as themselves is not a person I want to spend my time listening to.

It is also not easy to entertain a listener for an hour by just talking and I find those who have a very laid back and fun mood to be the most enjoyable ones. The best podcasts out there are relaxed and fun, like sitting and listening to a couple of your friends discuss a film. Balance is key to everything, if the podcasters come off as someone you would want to sit and discuss movies with then you are more likely to come back for another episode.

Anyways, this wasn’t going to be a guide for how to make a podcast I will enjoy, so I will rather go on and present three podcasts that I want to show some love to and have been listening to lately.


Killer P.O.V. from Geek Nation

killerpovThis is a fairly new podcast that are hosted by Robert Galluzzo from FearNet, Rebekah McKendry from Fangoria and Elric Kane from Inside Horror. I used to be a fan of the weekly horror YouTube show Inside Horror that Kane hosted together with McKendry and another journalist named Staci Layne Wilson, so I became aware of this podcast simply by following everyone involved through social media.

Each episode have a theme that are decided by what type of guest they have coming in to chat with them. Because of their work, most episodes so far seem to have a theme around a new film that is about to be released such as Birdemic 2 or Big Ass Spider. The episodes last for around 90 minutes and the tone is very relaxed and fun. They are also able to get interesting guests, although the best episode they have had so far has been the one with a fellow horror fan Brian Collins from Horror Movie A Day where they don’t have the focus on a single movie or interview the guest, but rather just have a fun discussion about the genre. Since all involved are used to interviewing or being around filmmakers, they are able to be relaxed around them and not geek out because they are sitting in the same room with someone who has made a movie (like I probably would have).

They are up to seven episodes so far and they schedule to have a new episode drop every friday. They come off as great people and their knowledge and enthusiasm of the genre is very high. These are the type of people who could write books about the genre, very intelligent and articulate. While I do wish for the return of Inside Horror, I will accept Killer P.O.V: as a suitable replacement if that show never comes back and I hope they keep up with this podcast in the future even though they all seem like very busy people.


Bloody Good Horror Podcast

bghThis podcast comes from the guys behind the bloody good Bloody Good Horror website. Their podcast also runs for up to ninety minutes per episode and most of them focus on one single movie, usually a newly released one. They have done this for quite some time and the newest episode is number 245 and they seem to release a new one almost every week. They have a very friendly and fun tone and also sidetrack a lot with other stuff. Since they come off so friendly, you won’t mind them talking about the beer of the week or word of the day stuff. While they have no trouble going deep into a film and analyzing it, this is more done in a fun tone that only dissect the film they talk about when the movie deserves it.

They also do a good job in including listeners to the show by spending a good time with twitter and email questions and generally just come off as a group of happy horror fans. They have a system where their fifteen or so newest podcast episodes are available for free and the rest are for sale of $0.99 a piece.

I do wish they covered more older films though since I prefer not to hear or read about new films that I know I am going to eventually see. My impression is also that this gang could have fun covering more unknown older films aswell, so hopefully they will focus more on that in the future. Some of the shows also could use more movie talk and if they cover a film that there isn’t a whole lot to say about, then I wish they would have added another one to fill the episode out.

The show is definitely worth giving a chance and they are very consistent. If you don’t like the first episode you listen to then it might not be for you, but if you do like it then chances are high that you will find the rest of them highly enjoyable. I also wanna note that they have another podcast on their site called Sophisticult Cinema that tries to cover more arthouse and grindhouse movies. It is also worth checking out.


40 oz. of Horror

40oz“Horror news, brews, booze & reviews” – an excellent description of this alcohol infused podcast that are releasing new episodes approximately every other week. I’ve mostly been checking out their older stuff and are still working myself up to their newer ones, but the ones I have listened to so far usually starts with what the participants has watched lately, some new drinking stories if they have some, then some horror and dvd news and a main topic for discussion. They try to contain their shows within the 60 minute mark and all of this with plenty of alcohol involved, which makes some episodes go a little off track but since they come off as happy drunks it’s all good with me. Their topics can be everything from a new film, classic films or just themes.

Even if they drink while talking they avoid talking over each other. Doing a clean sounding podcast even without alcohol seems to be hard for a lot of people, so it should be applauded when these guys do it right even under the influence. You never have to guess who is talking and they usually let each one get space to speak their mind. It’s of course not a podcast that takes itself way too serious, but I do feel that they are still able to speak their minds on the topics and let the listener know how they feel about the stuff they are talking about.

I also like that they don’t consider themselves experts of the genre or cinema in general. They look at themselves as fans of the genre who are just giving their thoughts out to fellow fans. This makes it possible for them to be more honest since they do not have to put on an “expert mask” or anything like that. If they haven’t heard of a film or seen a film that is considered a “classic”, then they don’t try to hide it. They keeps it real, as the kids say. I think that they are a fun bunch of people to listen to and wouldn’t mind sharing a few beers with them myself, so if this sounds like something you might enjoy then check them out. I’d say that a good starting point is their episode 34, which wraps up 2012 in a fun way.

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