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Apr 08

Top 10 Horror Movies of 1980

cityofthelivingdeadHere’s a video of my top 10 list of horror movies from the great year of 1980. Enjoy.








Top 10 Horror Movies of 1980

Jan 02

The Horror of 2015 Wrap Up

itfollowsAnother year is soon to be over. Time sure flies fast huh? 2015 was a very interesting year for me personally and I didn’t have time to watch as many films as I would have liked to. I spent five months out of the year abroad due to work and have not had the time needed to keep myself updated on everything that has gone on in the genre. That being said, it doesn’t look like the worst year to take some time off as there hasn’t been a lot out there that has grabbed my attention anyway. This year followed the trend from last year with most of the interesting stuff coming from the independent market and not from the big studios. The supernatural franchises didn’t do as well as usual this year, critically and financially. Sinister 2, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension and Insidious: Chapter 3 did not bring new life into the supernatural franchises and it looks like there is room for new in the genre which hopefully someone will fill with something fresh and new. That being said though, I personally do believe there are room for another entry in both the Sinister and the Insidious sagas.

Oct 24

Ramaskrik 2015

ramaskrikDate: October 15-18th
Location: Oppdal, Norway

This year marked the fifth anniversary of the biggest horror film festival in Norway. It is set in a small village called Oppdal, which lies an hour or so away from Trondheim. It is a small place with only around 7,000 people living there, something which works for the festival. Since there’s obviously not that much to do in a small place like that, Ramaskrik seems to have become a big event for the village each year and it doesn’t only attract horror nerds in black t-shirts, but is also visited by plenty of locals. After all, everybody loves a good horror film right?

It is easy to see that this is a big thing for the entire city as there is a good amount of volunteers there, the sponsors are pretty much all local companies and not only are they sponsoring, but also seem to get in on the horror fun themselves. The hotel that the festival provides a good deal for fans in even went so far that they decorated an entire floor with scary statues in the hallways and such. They hired in an actor to read ghost stories during the Saturday breakfast. That’s small and fun things to get you in the mood.

Aug 31

R.I.P. Wes Craven

cravenI am usually against people writing tributes to an entertainer once he or she has passed away. I would like us as a society to rather appreciate people while they are still around. But sometimes this just isn’t possible, as is the reason why I am writing this in honor of a true Master of Horror – Wes Craven.

There has already been a handful of greatly and emotional written articles about the man behind our nightmares during this sad day, so I am rather gonna keep this more personal and how my relationship with his movies has been, something which goes all the way back to my childhood and is an important reason of why I am still in love with this wonderful genre we call horror today.

Wes Craven was one of the very first names I recognized from movies in my good old VHS renting days in the late 80’s. A big reason for that is of course because he was the creator of my biggest childhood hero Freddy Krueger, but he was also responsible for a few other gems that I highly appreciated both in my younger days and today. Even though The Last House on the Left is the most famous of his 70’s entires, I have always had a very soft spot for The Hills Have Eyes – a film that left a big impression on me when I saw it a few years ahead of the appropriate age for a film like that.

Jan 03

The Horror of 2014 Wrap Up

thebabadook2014 turned out to become an interesting year for horror fans. It has been a year that has made genre fans seek out independent cinema since pretty much all the efforts by the big studios ended up being disappointing. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, Annabelle, Deliver Us From Evil, Ouija and Oculus all dealt with the supernatural, made plenty of money in the box office while still not doing much to impress the critics (or me for that matter). The biggest disappointment for me was Annabelle, it is not a terrible movie but being a spinoff of the Insidious films set the bar high and it failed to live up to it. It will be interesting to see if the focus on supernatural films will continue in the future or if there will come along a totally new trend to change the genre again. If it does then it is most likely to come from the indie scene as there is a growing amount of indie filmmakers telling unique stories that the studios doesn’t seem to have any will to take a chance on.

Dec 31

The Horror of 2013 Wrap Up

theconjuringAnother year is soon to be over with. 2013 was an excellent year for horror fans and it sure did deliver a lot of interesting titles for us all to enjoy, both in the mainstream world and also from the indie scene. Just like last year, I will not attempt to do a top 10 list of this year yet since there is still several films I should have watched before attempting to put together a decent list that I can stand behind. What I did this year however is to make a list calculated off several other sites to show what the average horror fan loved this year. I went through about 30 other sites and my “rules” for acceptable lists was that they had to list and rank at least ten horror films of this year and I would give a movie 1 point for ending on tenth place, 2 points for ending on ninth place and so on. I will add the links to the sites I used on the bottom of this page, so make sure to check them all out since they all have good insights to exactly why these films were ranked so high this year.

Apr 16

Ten Underrated Horror Films

Here is a list of ten horror films that have not gotten the praise that I personally believe that they deserve. I truly believe that all of these films are great in their own way and that they should have a bigger following than what they have today. If there are films on this list that you haven’t seen yet, then make sure to check them out. If you have seen some of these a long time ago and either don’t remember them or didn’t care much for it, then perhaps you could give them another try. None of these are flawless, but they all have redeeming qualities and I have seen all of them multiple times over the years.


amityville_2_possession_poster_01Amityville 2: The Possession

Year: 1982
Director: Damiano Damiani

Perhaps mostly remembered for being a mixture of a haunted house and an Exorcist ripoff, Amityville 2 might not be an easy film to label and rate for some. Although it does fit as a sequel to the original film, it is such a departure in style and atmosphere that fans of the first one might not find much to enjoy in this one and those who would love a sleazy film like this might not have checked it out since they would expect it to be a straight haunted house story. Even if it is very different from The Amityville Horror, it is still an awesome and entertaining film. Forget what you know about the Amityville story and the first film, go in and watch this with an open mind and enjoy the sleaze. It is perfect for fans of 80’s Italian horror.

Apr 11

Horror Podcasts!

podcastWhen watching horror films, reading about horror films and discussing horror films online ain’t enough for your horror cravings, then you have horror podcasts for amusement. If you’ve never heard of a podcast and need some explanation on what it is, then you can check out this article on I’ve been exploring the available podcasts for the last few weeks and have found a couple that I think are worth sharing and hopefully some readers will have some recommendations to share aswell.

There sure is a lot of podcasts out there covering the horror genre and it’s not that easy to find some that will suit your taste. In my mind a good podcast has to deliver interesting thoughts to the viewer and have respect for the material it is covering. The participants don’t necessarily have to be very knowledgable of the genre for me as long as they are able to give well spoken description of what they thought of the movie or subject they are discussing. I don’t think anyone would like to sit through listening to a rant about how bad a new horror film is by two guys for an hour without any other explanation of their opinion except that “the movie sucks dick”. I’ve also noticed that some seem to have a need to bash other fans or media. Anyone that uses the description “not true horror fans” to other people who might like something else as themselves is not a person I want to spend my time listening to.

Jan 31

Let’s Celebrate Troma!

toxieTroma Entertainment. A company that takes pride in delivering independent cinema to the audience. They are considered to be a horror company, but most of their films main focus is comedy and making the viewer laugh. Their movies are known for being filled with sex and nudity, made on a miniscule budget with an inexperienced cast and crew.

It all started back in 1974 when the company was founded by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz. They started out distributing films such as Bloodsucking Freaks before producing their own cheap films, starting with teen comedies such as Squeeze Play and Waitress. These films would make enough to keep them in business, but it wasn’t until they created The Toxic Avenger that they would create something that can truly represent their vision and thankfully the film ended up being a success and are now considered to be a cult classic.

Instead of becoming a softer company over the years, Troma has stand proud of their material and kept on doing what they believe in. They can proudly display a library of over 150 movies and they continue to deliver a new studio produced film with a few years apart. Since times have changed and it is harder to get movies out to the audience these days, they haven’t had any movie replicate the big success of the Toxic Avenger but they still provide films that both their audience and cult movie fans can enjoy and there is no signs of them slowing down anytime soon.

Dec 31

The Horror of 2012 Wrap Up

fireworksThe year 2012 is to be over within the next few hours and as we usually do before a new year arises, we look back at what this year has given us. I’m not gonna do a best / worst list since I haven’t seen enough of this years output to give a good opinion on the year as a whole yet. I think that lists such as these should be made a few months into the new year to be accurate enough, but it is still understandable that sites pour them out around this time anyways. Even though I’m not making a list, I still want to do a little rundown of this years horror films, so here I go…

I have looked at several lists from horror sites and also several forums that I read frequently. According to the horror community there is one big winner of 2012 and that is The Cabin in the Woods. Even though I haven’t posted my review of the film yet, I can spoil it by saying that it would not top my list if I where to make one but I can understand how the film feels fresh to others. I do think people overrate it a little though. The next seems to be Sinister and that one I will agree with. It is definitely the best horror film I’ve seen from 2012 so far and it is together with Insidious one of the creepiest movies that have come out of Hollywood the last years. Right after is two movies I have yet to see, The Loved Ones and Kill List. I haven’t had any interest in seeing Kill List to be honest, but am planning to see Loved Ones soon. It’s nice to see an australian movie get that much recognition, so hopefully it will live up to the its good reputation.

Others that have been frequently mentioned as being some of the best horror films of the year is Excision which I’m looking forward to see, The Innkeepers which is good, but I didn’t care for it as much as most horror fans did. And then there is V/H/S. I was surprised to not see V/H/S on more lists actually since it seems to have gathered quite a big hype online during this year, but I guess the bad segments did bring it down for others aswell.

What’s nice about these films is that they are all different from each other and surprisingly enough none of them are sequels or remakes. Some of these have had the backing of a major studio, some have been independent. It’s a good variation and that’s a healthy sign for the genre. If there is any trends this year then it’s definitely haunted houses and found footage, usually blended together. I’ve always enjoyed a good ghost story, but there seem to be a overflood of them now. The found footage subgenre is here to stay. It will go down in popularity, but when they are so cheap to make they will continue to be made, even if most will go direct to DVDs.

What I am not so happy with is the lack of asian movies added to these best of lists. I don’t think I found a single asian horror film included in anyone’s list this year and I have a hard time believing that the continent haven’t produced one single film that are worthy of being mentioned in these lists. The inclusion of european movies have been decent the last years, this year we get some mentioning with the third [Rec] film, a movie I think is fun and entertaining and also another spanish one called Sleep Tight which I haven’t watched yet. I think that horror sites, especially the bigger ones such as Fangoria do need to look closer to the asian market though and give it some of the shine that they certainly deserves.

Twelve films from the horror genre made the top 100 worldwide box office chart this year. Some are not straight horror films, but I still think they deserve to be included. And here is the list:
Dark Shadows – $239,1m
Resident Evil: Retribution – $221,8m
Underworld: Awakening – $160,1m
Paranormal Activity 4 – $140,7m
The Woman in Black – $127,7m
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – $116m
The Devil Inside – $101,4m
The Possession – $76,7m
The Cabin in the Woods – $66,5m
Sinister – $50,4m
Silent Hill: Revelation 3D – $47,9m
Chernobyl Diaries – $37,2m

It should also be mentioned that horror represented on TV aswell. This year had successful new seasons of True Blood, The Walking Dead and American Horror Story.

So what can we expect in the upcoming year?
I ignore all remakes, but I’m sure the upcoming Maniac and Evil Dead remakes will be something that horror fans will want to check out. I’m looking forward to the next James Wan film The Conjuring, which will hit american (and hopefully european) cinemas in July. Hopefully Insidious Chapter 2 will be out before the year is over, if so then 2013 might just become the year of James Wan.

The new year will start with two interesting horror anthology films. S-VHS and The ABCs of Death will both be released in the second half of January. Paris, I’ll Kill You seems to finally be on its way aswell. That film will have ten directors and will hopefully be done before the end of 2013.

I’m surprised to say it, but I’m anticipating a new Eli Roth movie! I haven’t been a big fan of his work so far, but hopefully he will prove me wrong with the cannibal film The Green Inferno. I’ve enjoyed all three [Rec] movies so far, so I don’t see any reasons why [Rec]: Apocalypse will disappoint either.

There is also some interesting DVDs being released in 2013. I’m impatiently waiting on is Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead that Tokyo Shock will release on January 22. It’s hard not to get excited about a movie with a title like that and a wacky website. I’m also of course waiting for Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D, which will be released by IFC in the states. The first horror film from Laos, Chanthaly also looks interesting and I will surely pick that up. Danielle Harris first movie as a director, Among Friends should also see a release date and I’m curious to see what the modern day scream queen has to offer from behind the camera.

Surely, some unknown movie will come out from nowhere and steal the spotlight. That’s one of the fun parts of being a horror fan, it’s not exactly a predictable genre.

As for this site it has today been online for two months. I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has given it a view, there is still not much content here except the daily reviews but that will change in 2013. Look out for interviews (already got one done) and other fun stuff.

Have a nice new years and let’s hope 2013 will be a year of horror, cinematic horror that is.

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