The Website

Cinema Terror officially launched on October 31st, 2012. It is the creation of one Norwegian man with long hair and a manly beard, me! The original idea was to create a small blog where I posted my reviews of only obscure movies that no one else watched, but after a short while I figured out that I might aswell expand that idea into a site dedicated to all sorts of horror and cult movies, and from time to time some more mainstream stuff. As with everything new that one creates, the goal is to do everything and after a short while I figured it was better to just focus on the only thing that makes this site unique – my voice and unimportant opinion. So by now the site is made up of 98% reviews and hopefully I will have the time to add other types of content to it in the future. The website is created with WordPress with the template Graphene.

The Reviews

I try to give every type of movie the same chance. Whenever I press play I hope that whatever I’m about to watch will be a great and entertaining film. If I am not optimistic about a film, then I don’t watch it. This is why you should not expect to see reviews of newer horror movie remakes, since I do not like this trend and will already be reserved before watching them. I’ll watch movies with anything from a $1,000 dollar budget to big Hollywood films and judge them on the same merits. I will usually add information regarding low budget films when it is impossible for the filmmakers to do more with their budgets, but the rating I give is based on the entertainment and technical level of the film and the film alone. I am not a professional writer, but I try my best to avoid typo’s and try to deliver my thoughts about the film as good as possible and I hope that does come through to the viewer.

About… Me

Torstein Karlsen

Date of Birth
December 8, 1982. Apparently the only other big thing that happened that day was that Nicki Minaj was also born. Lucky me… or her(?).

In the charming city of Moss in Norway, where I have spent most of my life and will most likely spend my remaining days aswell.

Of course my main hobby is watching films. My second obsession has always been football. I am a supporter of MossFK, who haven’t wun shit since 1987. I also enjoy watching italian football and generally end up watching the matches of AC Milan. I also enjoy retro videogaming and try to build a collection of good old Nintendo and Super Nintendo games when I have money left after buying films. And I love to travel and also have a few/many beers out on town.

Doomsday Theory
The human race will cease to exist once the bugs of the world figures out how to communicate and organize an attack on us. The wasps, mosquito’s and what not will attack us by air while the cockroaches, ants and other creepy crawlers will attack us from underneath. We stand no chance against them and will have no opportunities to fight back. Yeah, I’m no fan of bugs and insects.

My fascination with the horror genre started at an early age when I had a small 14 inch TV in my room and had access to the swedish TV channel “Femman” (or Kanal 5 as it was also known as). I have always had a habit of staying up at night and they regularly had some violent and scary movie on at that time. One of my earliest memories is watching Creepshow 2 at an age of probably 6 or 7 and being very frightened by the oil slick and also being disturbed by the violence of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. I started to frequently visit the little video store “Krapfoss Videocenter” that had one horror shelf (about 40-50 movies) and also a Stephen King shelf. I rented the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th series so much that they should have just given me the tapes and it didn’t take long before I figured out how to tape movies from TV and also pirate videotapes using two VHS players. Having a best friend who also didn’t mind watching these films and also a sort of creepy old guy in our neighborhood who had about 1000 pirated tapes that we were allowed to borrow didn’t hurt either. As a teenager I constantly tried to find more disturbing and weird stuff. I started to import movies from Sweden, where I could find uncensored VHS tapes and a lot more gory stuff than I had been exposed to in my own country. A good example of how horror movies played a big part in my teenage years is one time that me and a friend sat on a bus four hours each way to a big city in Sweden just to visit a huge movie store, buy movies and travel back home. The good ol’ days ey?
In the late 90’s, the internet started to become more and more common and that really expanded my world of horror. We did not have Fangoria, horror conventions or anything like that in Norway, so before the internet I had no idea that there was thousands of people out there that where just as dedicated to these type of movies that I was. Thanks to message boards and connecting with other fans I found a countless amount of stuff that I had not heard of or been able to see. I was exposed to the films of Mario Bava, asian horror, german gorefilms and everything else that the world had to offer. I think a special thanks to the message board of AVManiacs, who I still frequently visit, and a small group of horrorfans that called themself “BW” is in order for guiding and exposing me to some terrific stuff.
So nearly thirty years after being born, my love for genre movies is as big as ever. There is a morbid fascination in everybody and for me horror movies is able to satisfy my need for fright and violence.