Sep 16

Terror Eyes

terroreyesGenre: Horror
Year: 1981
Country: USA

aka: Night School

Director: Ken Hughes
Starring: Leonard Mann, Rachel Ward, Drew Snyder, Joseph R. Sicari, Nicholas Cairis


Man is the only animal that kills for pleasure.


A killer is on the loose in Boston. He is wearing a motorcycle outfit and helmet and his favorite victims are female students at Wendell Night School. Judd and Taj are the detective who are handling the case and there is plenty of suspects available including the teacher Vincent who likes his student in more than one way, his not to friendly assistant Eleanor and a creepy waiter who they know are stalking some of the women.

Terror Eyes is an obscure and forgotten slasher movie from 1981. It’s directed by Ken Hughes who are mostly known for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. His influence here seems to be from the italian giallo movies and the look of the killer might be taken from Strip Nude for Your Killer. Umberto Lenzi brought this outfit back to life again later with his late 80’s Welcome to Spring Break movie.

Sep 15

Evil in the Woods

evilinthewoodsGenre: Horror
Year: 1986
Country: USA

Director: William J. Oates
Starring: Brian Abent, Stephanie Kaskel, Jennifer Bates, Diane Casey, Mister Pee


A movie that proves that dying can be fun!


A little boy finds a mystical book called Evil in the Woods at a local library and takes it home with him. The story he reads is about a film production involving aliens and bigfoot that are having huge problems getting the film done. This is caused by a witch and her cannibalistic family and there’s a family who’s looking for their kid together with a sheriff.

Yeah, this one really makes no sense at all. The movie is basically a schlock piece that is supposed to be funny. It’s narrated by an annoying guy and all the jokes seems forced and is not funny whatsoever. The acting is bad, the production is crap and you start to regret pressing play after the first ten minutes. There are some cheap gore, but nothing that can save this film from being terrible.

Sep 13

The House on the Edge of the Park

houseontheedgeoftheparkGenre: Horror
Year: 1980
Country: Italy

original title: La Casa Sperduta Nel Parco

Director: Ruggero Deodato
Starring: David Hess, Annie Belle, Christian Borromeo, Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Marie Claude Joseph


Delivers shocks to the maximum… pushes the limits of acceptability


Alex is a mechanic in New York City and he enjoys taking his semi-retarded friend Ricky out to explore the disco scene, get down and boogie and pick up some young women. And if the girls don’t agree to have some intimate moments with him, Alex has no trouble raping them and even murdering them after he is done.

One night before Alex and Ricky has had time to close up shop, a young couple comes driving in with a car problem and persuades them to fix it. When they mention that they are on their way to a party, Alex invites him and Ricky along with them and when they arrive they start to have a party the way they like it, violent and bloody.

Sep 10

Visiting Hours

vistinghoursGenre: Horror
Year: 1982
Country: Canada

Director. Jean-Claude Lord
Starring: Michael Ironside, Lee Grant, Linda Purl, William Shatner, Lenore Zann


So frightening you’ll never recover


Colt Hawker is a disturbed guy who gets obsessed with a strong and outspoken TV host named Deborah Ballin who are very loud about equal rights for females and anti-violence. He breaks into her house and fails to kill her off, but manages to hospitalize her. He can’t let her go and spends every minute trying to get into the hospital to finish her off.

Visiting Hours seems like a big studio attempt to join in on the success that Halloween, Friday the 13th and the others had in the very early 80’s. Visiting Hours got several experiences actors and a budget high above the average serial killer movie at that time.

What’s great about this movie is that it’s got such intensity in the scenes where Colt is terrorizing his victims. It starts off great, but gets a little lost in the middle of the movie. Running at a little over 100 minutes it could have benefited from having a tighter script or cut down the length. The dialogue and choices some of the characters does is frankly stupid.

Sep 07

The Cannibal Man

cannibalmanGenre: Horror
Year: 1973
Country: Spain

original title: La Sernana del Asesino
aka: The Apartment on the 13th Floor, The Week of the Killer

Director: Eloy de la Iglesia
Starring: Vicente Parra, Emma Cohen, Eusebio Poncela, Charly Bravo, Fernando Sanchez Polack


When the butcher goes berserk…


Marcos is a depressed young male who has a poor paying job at the local slaughterhouse and lives together with his older brother in a small house that are located right next to a new expensive apartment complex.

One evening while taking a cab back from a night out on town with his fiance, Marcos snaps and accidentally kills the cab driver. This opens up a very dark part of Marcos that will take more and more control over him, making the usually quiet little town unsafe for anyone who comes across him and especially unsafe for his close ones.

The Cannibal Man is a psychological study of a man who is driving himself into insanity by digging a hole he cannot get out of. Even though this title does suggest it, he does not eat his victims but someone else will get some unwanted pieces of meat on their dinner plate.

Sep 04

Human Experiments

humanexperimentsGenre: Horror / Drama
Year: 1979
Country: USA

aka: Beyond the Gate, Women in Prison

Director: Gregory Goodell
Starring: Linda Haynes, Geoffrey Lewis, Ellen Travolta, Lurene Tuttle, Mercedes Shirley


The victims: young female inmates


Rachel Foster is an aspiring country singer who supports herself by touring in stinky bars around the country. She arrives at a southern redneck town where she gets hustled out of half of her salary by the bar owner and on the way to the next small town her car breaks down. She tries to get help from a nearby house but when she enters the house she sees the carnage of a dead family.

She finds a young boy with a shotgun in one of the rooms and it ends with a shootout where she injures him. To make things even worse, the cop who arrives at the scene is the brother of the bar owner that hustled her and she is not set up for the murder of the entire family and sent to a female prison.

Sep 02


unhingedGenre: Horror
Year: 1982
Country: USA

Director: Don Gronquist
Starring: Laurel Munson, Janet Penner, Sara Ansley, Virginia Settle, John Morrison


The nightmare begins when you wake up


The three young girls Gloria, Nancy and Terry are going on a road trip together for a rock concert, but midway on their journey they get into a bad car accident and have to abandoned those plans. They wake up in a dark house where they have been brought to regain their health.

The house is owned by an old woman in a wheelchair named Edith Penrose, but everything that gets done around the house is done by her daughter Marion. Edith threats Marion like crap and it doesn’t take long before the young girls start to feel uncomfortable in the house and also not long before they figure out that their life is in danger…

Unhinged is an unknown early 80’s slasher film (well, its honestly more of a thriller) that is only still known because it ended up being one of the infamous Video Nasty movies in Britain during their video violence hysteria.

Aug 26

Tombs of the Blind Dead

tombsoftheblinddeadGenre: Horror
Year: 1972
Country: Spain

original title: La Noche del Terror Ciego
aka: Crypt of the Blind Dead, Mark of the Devil Part 5: Night of the Blind Terror, Mark of the Devil Part 4: Tombs of the Blind Dead, Night of the Blind Dead, Revenge from Planet Ape, The Blind Dead

Director: Amando de Ossorio
Starring: Lone Fleming, Cesar Burner, Maria Elena Arpon, Jose Thelman, Rufino Ingles


Who are these unholy savages who hunt out their victims by sound alone?


Roger and Virginia is on holiday and runs into Betty, an old friend of Virginia. She joins them on a train ride but while on the train Virginia gets embarrassed after seeing her boyfriend start to have some interest in Betty and by her own lesbian encounter she herself had with Betty in their younger days.

She decides to jump off the train and when night comes she seeks refuge in an ancient monastery. She is never seen again so Roger and Betty tries to hunt her down and investigate what might have happened to her and they all come face to face with the undead Knight Templars.

Aug 24

Total Recall

totalrecallGenre: Sci-Fi / Action
Year: 1990
Country: USA

Director: Paul Verhoeven
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rachel Ticotin, Sharon Stone, Ronny Cox, Michael Ironside


They stole his mind, now he wants it back


It’s 2084 and Douglas Quaid is wanting more out of his life than just working hard as a construction worker. There is something about the planet Mars that attracts him to want to go there, but his wife and co-workers does not share his enthusiasm for the red planet due to the unsafe state it is in.

He comes across a commercial for a company that implants holiday memories directly into the brain of their customers and he decides it would be a good idea to use the company for an action filled trip to Mars. Something goes wrong while they are trying to give Douglas a good trip though and he finds himself having to question what is fantasy and what is reality, and who he even really is.

Aug 16


oculusGenre: Horror
Year: 2013
Country: USA

Director: Mike Flanagan
Starring: Karen Gillan, Brenton Thwaites, Katee Sackhoff, Rory Cochrane, Annalise Basso


You see what it wants you to see


Mirrors don’t lie… or do they? Kaylie is convinced the antique mirror that her father bought for the family eleven years ago is to blame for the tragedy that would leave both her mother and father dead, with the blame being put on her little brother Tim who were only 10 years old at the time.

Tim is put away at a psychiatric hospital for the next eleven years and when he gets out Kaylie has a plan to prove his innocence and also prove that the evil that destroyed their family was supernatural. Her plan puts her and her brother in a night of war against the evil entity hidden within the antique mirror.

Oculus is another successful release by Blumhouse, a production company responsible for some of the biggest horror films in the later years – including Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Sinister and The Purge. This film however wasn’t produced by Blumhouse, but they rather got interested in it after it was completed and decided to bring their powerhouse behind it to give it a proper wide release, which worked and it did bring in over 40 million dollars on the box office with a budget of approximately 5 mill.

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