Jul 29


communionGenre: Sci-Fi
Year: 1989
Country: USA

Director: Philippe Mora
Starring: Christopher Walken, Lindsay Crouse, Frances Sternhagen, Andreas Katsulas, Terri Hanauer


The true story of one man’s terrifying journey into the unknown


William Streiber, his wife and their son are trying to enjoy some time off out in their remote cabin away from the big city when they one night experience a strange occurrence that will change the life of the family forever.

This even will cause great psychological harm to William, who starts to get visions of aliens performing weird experiments on him. They seek out the help from a psychiatrist named Janet Duffy who tries to help William find out what happened to him before he looses it completely.

Communion is based on a book by the real life William Strieber and the story is based on his alleged encounter with an extraterrestrial life form. That being said, there is not a single attempt in the world to deliver a realistic tale of alien abduction in this movie. Instead we get a strange mess of a movie that can only brag about having Christopher Walken in one of his most lunatic roles ever. He holds nothing back and it feels like the director Philippe Mora just stood behind the camera encouraging him to go even more and more crazy with his portrayal.

Jul 27


incubusGenre: Horror
Year: 1982
Country: USA

Director: John Hough
Starring: John Cassavetes, John Ireland, Kerrie Keane, Helen Hughes, Erin Noble


The incubus. He is the Destroyer.


Several strange incidents of young women being brutally raped are taking place in the normally quiet small town of Galen. Dr. Samuel Cordell takes a special interest in the violent and bizarre cases when he examines one of the victims, only to find that her entire inside has been ripped apart without any trace of sperm inside her.

Strangely enough, the next case is the opposite with the poor girl being filled with red spermlike liquid. Together with a local reporter he sets out to find out what has really been going on and will in the end find himself standing opposite an evil entity called The Incubus.

Incubus might just hold the record of being the movie (except adult films) that the word “sperm” is used the most in. It’s not that it’s being spoken every minute of the film but it’s not something you hear so often in a film, especially a film that tries not to be very exploitive or adult.

Apr 12

Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story

AmazoniaGenre: Drama / Action
Year: 1985
Country: Italy

original title: Schiave Bianche: Violenza in Amazzonia
aka: White Slave, Cannibal Holocaust 2: The Catherine Miles Story, Forest Slave

Director: Mario Gariazzo
Starring: Elvire Audray, Will Gonzales, Dick Campbell, Andrea Coppola, Dick Marshall


Only one thing kept her alive


18 year old Catherine Miles travels from London down to the Orinoco River in the Amazon to visit her parents who owns a plantation field there. While out on a boat trip, they get attacked by a local tribe. Catherine’s parents are brutally slaughtered while she is drugged by a poisonous dart.

She is taken away by the tribe, led by a strong warrior named Umukai, and taken to their village. There she is sold to the highest bidder and kept captive. While also trying to adjust to life in the jungle with the tribe, she also tries to find a way to revenge her parents and also get out of the jungle and back to civilization.

Amazonia was released as Cannibal Holocaust 2 in several countries in Europe and I’m sure there was plenty of disappointed viewers who rented it expecting something grizzly and brutal. This film is something very different. Yeah, it does take place in the jungle and does feature a native tribe, but it’s not about “civilized” people vs. natives or anything like that. Instead it’s more of a drama about… love. Yes, love!

Apr 05


societyGenre: Horror / Comedy
Year: 1989
Country: USA

Director: Brian Yuzna
Starring: Billy Warlock, Devin DeVasquez, Evan Richards, Ben Meyerson, Charles Lucia


Society. It’s all about fitting in.


Bill Whitney is struggling with his place in the world. He feels alienated from his rich family and he also doesn’t feel like he fits in at school. He gets so paranoid about this that he is sent to a psychiatrist to get control over his feelings.

His friend Blanchard, who was also dating Bill’s sister for a short while, also becomes convinced that there is a conspiracy going on. Shortly after he reveals this to Bill, Blanchard dies in a suspicious car accident. Bill is put over the edge and it won’t take him a long time before he finally finds out the deep secret of his family.

Society is a very original concept, something that could probably only be done this gooey in the late 80’s. I was shocked by it when I saw it as a young age, but as an adult I recognize and enjoy the humour and silliness of it. It is also easy to identify with young (well, would have been easier if he actually looked like a teenager I guess) Bill as many youngsters will at times feel alienated and disconnected from the rest of their social environment, even their own family.

Mar 03

This House Possessed

thishousepossessedGenre: Horror
Year: 1981
Country: USA

Director: William Ward
Starring: Parker Stevenson, Lisa Eilbacher, Joan Bennett, Slim Pickens, Shelley Smith


Something terrifying is falling in love with Sheila…


The rock singer Gary Straihorn has to take some time off after suffering from an anxiety attack while performing live on TV. He hires a nurse named Sheila that he met while being hospitalized. Together they move in to a new house out in the country, a perfect place for relaxation… until an evil force starts to torment them and everyone else who comes close to the place.

This House Possessed is a forgotten, unknown made for TV movie and it is forgotten for a good reason. If you expect a good old ghost story then you can forget about this film right away as this is not close to being anything like that at all. The house is haunted, but there’s not a good back story to it at all. We get to know that the house, or entity within it, wants to be reunited with the Sheila character, but why and how it keeps track of her from her childhood to her grown life made no sense to me.

Feb 19


excisionGenre: Horror / Drama
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Director: Richard Bates Jr.
Starring: AnnaLynne McCord, Roger Bart, Ariel Winter, Traci Lords, Matthew Gray Gubler


Heal the sickness


Pauline is a bit weird. She is an outcast at school and an outcast within her own family. Her relationship with her parents aren’t the best, but she adores her younger sister Grace who is sadly struggling with cystic fibrosis.

Pauline dreams of one day becoming a surgeon, not because she wants to help other people, but rather because the job would be able to satisfy her own ego and sexual thirst for body mutilation and blood. Her delusional plans and love for her sister will eventually put the entire family at risk.

Excision is a strange and unique indie film that deals with a story that could probably never have been told by a big Hollywood studio that do business by keeping focus on how they can make the most money out of their investments. The creators behind Excision only had the intention of delivering a new story to the world in a new fresh way.

Feb 11


evilspeakGenre: Horror
Year: 1981
Country: USA

aka: Computer Murder, Evilspeaks

Director: Eric Weston
Starring: Clint Howard, R.G. Armstrong, Joe Cortese, Claude Earl Jones, Haywood Nelson


Remember the little kid you used to pick on? Well, he’s a big boy now.


Stanley Coopersmith (what the hell, no wonder he doesn’t have friends) is a the most hated student at West Andover Military Academy. He has little social skills, is a little chubby and isn’t friends with any of the cool kids there and he stays mostly to himself. He was “shipped” there after his parents died, something the other kids have no problem teasing him about.

When he has to interact with the others, such as in the football team, he usually screws up. Even the teachers and priest doesn’t like this poor guy. The only one at this place who treats him as a human is a black kid who shows up from time to time to say “leave him alone”. One day he gets sent to clean up the basement of the academy’s chapel where he finds an ancient crypt who were once used by a 16th century Satanist. He finds a satanic bible down there and sets up his demonic Apple II computer to translate it. Mixing a dork and occult stuff never ends well and evil is unleashed!

Feb 04

Fight for Your Life

fightforyourlifeGenre: Crime
Year: 1977
Country: USA

aka: Blood Bath at 1313 Fury Road, Getting Even, Held Hostage, Hostage, I Hate Your Guts, Straying Alive, The Hostage’s Bloody Revenge

Director: Robert A. Endelson
Starring: Robert Judd, Catherine Peppers, Lela Small, Yvonne Ross, Reggie Rock Bythewood


There is no greater violence than a father’s revenge for the rape of his daughter


Jessie Lee, Ling and Chino are three violent criminals who have managed to escape from prison. The deadly trio goes on a robbing and killing spree, which includes shooting down a store owner in front of his infant before they take a young black girl named Corrie Turner hostage and pressures her into bringing them back to the house where her family lives.

She has a very caring and religious family, with the father being a local priest. Their belief in God will be tested when the criminals enter their home and takes them hostage. They continue to brutally humiliate and racially abuse them for as long as they can until the family gets a chance to turn things around.

Feb 01

Eaten Alive

eatenalvieGenre: Horror
Year: 1977
Country: USA

aka: Brutes and Savages, Death Trap, Slaughter Hotel

Director: Tobe Hooper
Starring: Neville Brand, Mel Ferrer, Carolyn Jones, Marilyn Burns, William Finley


Meet the maniac & his friend. Together they make the greatest team in the history of mass slaughter in EATEN ALIVE!


The Starlight Hotel is a fine little establishment in the outskirts of a small town. The hotel is owned by an old weirdo named Judd who has spent too much time by himself, hates prostitutes and everything about sex and his only companion is a big african crocodile that lives in the lake right next to the hotel.

Harvey Wood and his youngest daughter are traveling through these parts to try to locate his oldest daughter Clara. When Harvey arrives at The Starlight Hotel he gets the impression from Judd that Clara might have become one of Miss Hattie’s girls at a local whorehouse. Together with the local police, they get to Hattie but can’t find the young girl there either. They decide to go back to the hotel for the night, but in the meanwhile things have happened at the peaceful place and their life is now in great danger.

Jan 26

Don’t Go in the House

dontgointhehouseGenre: Horror
Year: 1979
Country: USA

aka: Pyromaniac

Director: Joseph Ellison
Starring: Dan Grimaldi, Charles Bonet, Bill Ricci, Robert Osth, Dennis M. Hunter


If you do… then don’t say we didn’t warn you


Donald Kohler is an isolated thirty-something male that lives alone with his mother in his childhood home. He is very much attached to his mother at an adult age, even though she gave him a terrible upbringing, using fire to punish Donald if he did anything she disapproved of.

The only social activity he gets is when he is at his job. One day at work, an accident happens that leaves one of his co-workers badly burned, and the very same night he finds his mother has died while he’s been at work. Although he is now free from his mother, he cannot put the past behind him and instead of starting to live a normal life, he craves innocent women to abuse and burn.

Don’t Go in The House is one of several serial killer films that was released between 1978 and 1982. Not that there wasn’t plenty of them after that aswell, but they did tend to become more supernatural based after the killers became more heroes than the victims (for example, Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees and of course when Freddy Krueger was introduced then nothing would stay the same with the genre).

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